Uvex i-5 Adjustable Sports Glasses

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  • X-Twist arms adjustable to fit the majority of head shapes
  • Anti-fog coating keeps the lenses clear during exercise
  • Nose pad and ear pieces can be moulded to ensure great fit
  • Wraparound protection from dust, particles and UV rays
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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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Uvex i-5 Adjustable Sports Glasses

The Uvex i-5 Adjustable Sports Glasses are lightweight and highly protective safety glasses that are just what you need during active and dynamic exercise. Providing quality protection against UV rays, dust, dirt and chemicals, these stylish glasses also naturally accommodate your face shape with X-Twist side arms that are adjustable with three tiers of inclination so you can get the perfect fit to help enhance your performance.

Who Can Make Gains with the Uvex i-5 Adjustable Sports Glasses?

These glasses keep your eyes safe so that you can keep performing at your best. Whether you cycle, run or perfer indoor sports that can cause injury such as squash, these glasses reduce the risk of any hazardous particles or impacting objects from damaging your eyes. This protection means you can stay active with totally clear vision protected by Uvex's anti-fog coating.

Why Choose Uvex i-5 Safety Glasses?

It's important to ensure that you have glasses that have a comfortable and practical design that is suited to your needs. The Uvex i-5 have a number of features that make them an ideal choice, including:

  • X-Tended Shield Protection: The wraparound lenses provide first-rate protection against dirt, dust and flying particles with totally clear vision that doesn't restrict your peripherals.
  • Three Tier Inclination: The i-5 side arms can be adjusted to three inclinations, allowing wearers to achieve a comfortable fit.
  • X-Twist Arm Adjustment: Side arms can be adjusted to provide convenient and flexible comfort no matter what your head shape.
  • Soft Ergonomic Pieces: Nose pad and ear pieces are moulded to be free of pressure and hardness to ensure flexibility and comfort at all times.
  • Supravision Excellence: Ensures permanent anti-fog protection on the interior and extreme resistance to chemicals and scratches on the exterior.

Detail of the nosepiece

Key Features of the Uvex i-5 Safety Glasses

  • Modern, metal-free safety spectacles with three tier inclination fit
  • Reliable U-400 protection, certified to EN 166 and EN 170
  • Supravision Excellence coating ensures anti-scratch, anti-fog and anti-chemical protection
  • Multi-level side arm inclination allows for precise wearer adjustment
  • Soft, flexible nose and ear pieces to prevent pinching and ensure maximum user comfort
  • Attractive blue anthracite colour and excellent lens clarity

What Other Lenses Are Available?

The Uvex i-5 are available with grey lenses and a lime anthracite design. You can purchase a pair here as the Uvex i-5 Grey Lime Anti-Dust Safety Glasses.

What Does the Supravison Excellence Coating Provide?

The i-5 Safety Glasses are treated with Uvex's Supravision Excellence coating to provide superb longevity and stay clear during intense sport. Not only does the coating provide permanent anti-fog protection on the interior, but their exterior provides extreme resistance to chemicals and scratches on the exterior.

True Wearer Comfort

The Uvex i-5 glasses cater for those who work long, busy shifts. Their soft, flexible nose pad prevents pinching and any slipping during exercise, while their extendable X-Twist side arm technology allows users to conveniently adjust their glasses to suit their specific head shape.

Three-tier inclination allows for true wearer adjustment and optimal comfort
Three-tier inclination allows for true wearer adjustment and optimal comfort

X-Tended Anti-Dust Protection

The i-5 are designed to provide wraparound protection that protects your eyes against hazardous particles from all directions, ideal for cyclists. Coated with Supravision the extended lenses repel dust and dirt while providing panoramic peripheral vision.

Who Can Use the Uvex i-5 Glasses?

Thanks to their lightweight build, wraparound protection and anti-fog, anti-scratch coating, the Uves i-5 Safety Glasses are perfect for a variety of sporting activities. As such, their applications include:

  • Track Running
  • Velodrome Biking
  • Squash
  • Road Running
  • Mountain Biking
  • Wild Running
  • Sprints
  • Track and Field
  • Long Jump

EN Compliance of the Uvex i-5 Anti-Dust Safety Glasses

The Uvex i-5 Safety Glasses are tested to EN standards to ensure they are suitable for protection in an industrial workplace, achieving the highest levels of performance. Thanks to their certifications you can be sure of the exceptional protection they will provide for sporting use. The standards to which these glasses comply are as follows:

  • EN 166 - Personal Eye Protection
  • EN 170 - Personal Eye Protection with Ultraviolet Filters

Technical Specifications

  • Frame Marking:  W 166 FT CE
  • Lens Marking: 2C-1.2 W 1 FTKN CE
  • Frame Strength: FT
  • Lens Radiation Protection: 2C
  • Lens Light Transmission: 1.2
  • Optical Quality: 1
  • Lens Properties:  F, T, K, N
  • Other Lenses Available: Grey

Sizing Information

The Uvex i-5 Glasses are supplied in a single universal size to fit most users. They have a number of features, such as the adjustable X-Twist side arms, that should allow them to be fitted properly almost regardless of face size or shape.

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