Aircast Arm Immobiliser with Optional Abduction Pillow
 Aircast Arm Immobiliser with Optional Abduction PillowAircast Arm Immobiliser with Optional Abduction Pillow 

Aircast Arm Immobiliser with Optional Abduction Pillow

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  • Available with an abduction pillow for angled support
  • Limits posterior arm mobility to reduce discomfort
  • Ideal for injuries in different areas of the arm
  • Provides secure arm and shoulder support
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Aircast Arm Immobiliser with Optional Abduction Pillow

Whether you suffer from an injury to your shoulder or wrist, arm injuries tend to be extremely painful. The Aircast Arm Immobiliser with Optional Abduction Pillow is designed to support the arm following an injury to most areas of the arm. This means that whether you're suffering from discomfort in the shoulder, elbow, proximal, mid-humerus or wrist, the immobiliser can help stabilise and support the area.

Crafted with an optional abduction pillow, the Aircast Immobiliser is highly versatile so you get personalised support. The pillow is particularly useful for angling your arm to facilitate healing in the area.

Who Can Make Gains with the Arm Immobiliser?

The Arm Immobiliser can be used for a number of different conditions involving the shoulder, elbow, proximal or mid-humerus and wrist. This makes the support particularly useful for when you need to rest and recover from an injury before returning to your favourite sporting activities. Applications include the following:

  • Bicep injuries
  • Injuries
  • Post-operative indications
  • Pre-operative indications
  • Proximal humerus, AC joint or clavicle fractures
  • Rotator cuff
  • Shoulder dislocations

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides arm support for injuries and a range of pre- and post-operative indications
  • Available with or without an abduction pillow according to your needs
  • Uses a tri-strap design (i.e. a back strap, shoulder strap and under-arm strap)
  • Abduction pillow helps angle your arm to promote healing
  • Engineered to provide you with a comfortable and secure fit
  • Innovative underarm strap limits posterior arm mobility to reduce shoulder pain
  • Shoulder strap helps minimise stress to the neck while securely supporting your arm

Helps Reduce Discomfort

The Aircast Arm Immobiliser features an innovative adjustable tri-strap design that provides a customised fit and restricts posterior arm mobility. This helps offload pressure from the neck area to reduce pain and discomfort in the area. When used with the optional abduction pillow, the immobiliser positions the arm at a 15° angle, making it particularly useful for rotator cuff or Bankart repairs.

Sizing of the Arm Immobiliser

The Aircast Arm Immobiliser is available in two sizes and with the option of an abduction pillow. To find out which size you require, please measure the length of your arm and consult the table below. The support fits both the left and right arms.

Size Arm Length (cm)
Medium Less than 25cm
Large More than 25cm

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