Donjoy AT4 Universal 3V Knee Immobiliser
Donjoy AT4 Universal 3V Knee ImmobiliserDonjoy AT4 Universal 3V Knee ImmobiliserDonjoy AT4 Universal 3V Knee Immobiliser

Donjoy AT4 Universal 3V Knee Immobiliser

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  • Universal three-panel immobiliser to prevent discomfort following an injury
  • Features an internal anti-migration strap for improved protection
  • Waylex mesh lining helps improve your comfort during use
  • Designed with a buckle closure for ease of application
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Donjoy AT4 Universal 3V Knee Immobiliser

Following trauma or surgery to the knee, it's important that you stabilise and support the area so it heals properly. In more severe cases, immobilising the knee is the best option as it prevents the joint from moving into uncomfortable and painful positions that could compromise your recovery. The Donjoy AT4 Universal 3V Knee Immobiliser is a three-panel immobiliser that helps prevent you from twisting your knee and causing further discomfort.

Who Can Make Gains with the AT4 Universal Immobiliser?

The Donjoy Knee Immobiliser has been crafted to immobilise and support the knee following injury or trauma to the area. This helps reduce your discomfort while also ensuring the joint doesn't move into uncomfortable positions. The brace also allows you to get back on your feet earlier than usual, which means that even during the recovery period you can stay active.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Universal three-panel immobiliser to stabilise the knee
  • Features a buckle closure to easily adjust the fit of the brace
  • Constructed with a Waylex mesh lining for improved comfort
  • Designed with an internal anti-migration strap for added stability
  • Crafted with an open patella for improved comfort and support
  • Prevents your knee from moving into uncomfortable positions
  • Available in four different lengths according to your physiology

Stabilising Design

The AT4 Universal Knee Immobiliser is a three-panel immobiliser that features a Waylex mesh lining and buckle closure for improved comfort and fit. The support also has an internal anti-migration strap that prevents it from moving out of place during use, meaning you get the support you need as and when you need it.

Sizing Information

Available in four different lengths, the AT4 Universal 3V Knee Immobiliser provides you with a more tailored fit. Please measure the length of your leg from the groin to the malleolus, then remove 20cm from the length. The circumference of the support is adjustable for a more comfortable fit.

Size Leg Length (cm)
Small 40cm
Medium 50cm
Large 60cm
Extra Large 65cm

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