Donjoy Strapilax Elastic Ankle Support
Donjoy Strapilax Elastic Ankle SupportDonjoy Strapilax Elastic Ankle SupportDonjoy Strapilax Elastic Ankle Support

Donjoy Strapilax Elastic Ankle Support

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  • Prevents ankle injury and helps existing injuries to recover
  • Can be used while playing sports, hiking or walking to work
  • Anatomically designed for added comfort and support
  • Adjustable strap to regulate the level of compression
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Donjoy Strapilax Elastic Ankle Support

If you're looking for a versatile ankle support that provides both strong compression and flexibility, then the Donjoy Strapilax Elastic Ankle Support is an excellent choice. Featuring a removeable strap, you can switch between intense compression to breathable mobility by adjusting to suit your preference.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Ankle Brace
  • 1 x Strapping Band

Please note that the Donjoy Strapilax Elastic Ankle Support is suitable for use on either left or right foot.

Who Can Make Gains With the Donjoy Strapilax Elastic Ankle Support?

Need a strong support but don't want to compromise on mobility? The Donjoy Strapilax Elastic Support will provide maximum support when fully tightened. This is ideal during rest periods, as it gives your ankle ample opportunity to heal and recover. Then when you're called into action, loosen the strap or remove it entirely to ensure you have full mobility while you play.

Which Size Is Right for Me?

The Donjoy Strapilax Ankle Support is available in seven different sizes. To find out which size you need, please measure the circumference of your ankle (as shown) and consult the table below. If your measurement falls between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the next size up for optimal comfort.

image showing how to measure ankle circ

Size Ankle Circumference (cm)
Paediatric (Size 0) 17 - 18cm
Extra Small (Size 1) 19 - 20cm
Small (Size 2) 21 - 22cm
Medium (Size 3) 23 - 24cm
Large (Size 4) 25 - 26cm
Extra Large (Size 5) 27 - 28cm
XX-Large (Size 6) 29 - 30cm

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides support and compression for ankle injuries 
  • Extra elastic strapping for adjustable support
  • Anatomical 3D design for effective and targeted compression
  • Made with soft-knit, biocompatible yarn for breathability and comfort
  • Maleolar padding for added protection and pain relief 
  • Elastic can stretch in multiple directions for an ergonomic fit
  • Ambidextrous design for use on either ankle
  • Latex and PVC free to avoid allergic reactions
  • Thin and light enough to use while playing sports
  • Non-slip bands to keep the support in place
  • Graphic visual aids on the support to ensure correct use

How Do I Use the Donjoy Strapilax Ankle Support?

Both parts of the Donjoy Strapilax Elastic Support are simple and easy to use. Simply slip the brace over your foot and ensure that it lines up anatomically with your ankle using the visual aids incorporated into the design. If you then require additional support, the strapping band can be wrapped around the ankle area. For medial ankle sprains, position the strap on the outside of the foot. For lateral sprains, position the strap on the inside of the foot. To see a full demonstration, please watch the video below.

Please note that the strap seen in this video may vary in size depending on the size of the product.

Who Can Use the Donjoy Strapilax Ankle Support?

The thin and lightweight design of the Donjoy Adjustable Support makes it perfect for use while playing sports or participating in any kind of physical activity. If you play sports and are prone to ankle injuries, this product will keep your ankle protected while leaving you with full mobility to perform at your best. This support is not just suitable for sports however, but also for general day-to-day activities including:

  • Travelling
  • Shopping
  • Hiking
  • Walking to work
  • Use at home

Indications of the Donjoy Strapilax Ankle Support

The Donjoy Strapilax Elastic Support is suitable for a wide range of injuries and conditions, including:

  • Acute injury
  • Chronic ankle injury
  • Mild osteoarthritis
  • Injury prevention

Speeds-Up Recovery Time

The Donjoy Strapilax provides targeted compression to your injured ankle to increase blood flow and encourage healing. The elastic strap holds your ankle in a stable position, stopping it from rolling and getting injured further while also increasing pressure on tender areas. 

Adjustable Support

The Donjoy Strapilax can be adjusted using the elastic strap. Immediately following an injury, you may want to wear the strap tighter for more compression to ensure swelling and pain is reduced quickly. As your ankle heals, you can then gradually loosen the strap to give your ankle more breathing room to start healing. 

Anatomically Contoured Padding

Designed to fit comfortably over the malleoli, the Donjoy Ankle Support has padded inserts that help protect, stabilise and relieve ankle pain. The lightweight ankle pads feature 24 stimulating nubs that increase blood flow as you move to soothe soreness, reduce swelling and encourage healing.

Optimised Comfort

Designed to fit anatomically, the Donjoy Strapilax Support hugs your ankle to ensure both comfort and stability are at maximum. Featuring biocompatible yarn to prevent allergic reactions, the support won't cause you to itch or break out in a rash like other medical supports would.

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