Fitness-Mad Women's Blue Cross Training Gloves
Fitness-Mad Women's Blue Cross Training GlovesFitness-Mad Women's Blue Cross Training GlovesFitness-Mad Women's Blue Cross Training Gloves
Fitness-Mad Women's Blue Cross Training GlovesFitness-Mad Women's Blue Cross Training Gloves

Fitness-Mad Women's Blue Cross Training Gloves

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  • Pair of fingerless fitness training gloves 
  • Suitable for women's weightlifting training
  • Faux-leather palm with soft padding
  • Breathable 4-way stretch spandex back
Currently unavailable. Please check back soon  

Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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Fitness-Mad Women's Blue Cross Training Gloves

Make the most out of your training sessions with the Fitness-Mad Women's Blue Cross Training Gloves, the perfect addition to your weightlifting or sports kit. The gloves protect your hands without limiting grip or dexterity, enabling you to train for longer without fatigue. They are also designed for a perfect fit, conforming to the individual hand.

Who Can Make Gains with the Blue Cross Training Gloves?

Weightlifting is a great exercise if you're looking to make gains, but if you don't use the right equipment you could exhaust and damage your body in the process. The Fitness-Mad Training Gloves provide stability for your hands, improving grip to enable you to hold on to weights for a longer time. This improves strength and muscular endurance.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Faux-leather padded palm for maximum comfort
  • Half-finger design with pull-on/pull-off tabs for easy application
  • 4-way stretch spandex back for extra breathability

Which Size Is Right for Me?

The Fitness-Mad Blue Cross Training Gloves are available in two different sizes which should be suitable for most women. Please see the table below for measurements and select the size you require from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Size Measurement Across Palm (cm)
Small 9cm
Medium 10cm

What Is Cross Training?

Cross training essentially means combining different types of movements, intensities and exercises during your workout. It could be adding yoga into your sprint training, or weightlifting before a swim. Cross training makes your fitness ability more rounded, in order to increase your strength, balance, endurance and flexibility. The best kinds of cross training combine some form of cardio with strength-building. Strength building is a key type of cross training, including weightlifting, using resistance bands, cycling and more.

Why Use Cross Training Gloves?

The Women's Blue Cross Training Gloves have a half-finger design that offers dexterity and grip. This is ideal for holding on to equipment such as dumbbells and barbells during weightlifting exercises. The gloves are also great for use during strength building sessions as they enable the user to switch easily between exercises. As they are fingerless, the user can move seamlessly from weights to the yoga mat to the bicycle. The Cross Training Gloves are also equipped with finger and wrist pull-off tabs, making application and removal quick and easy if needed.

Are the Cross Training Gloves Comfortable?

The backs of the gloves are made from 4-way stretch spandex, providing excellent ventilation to the back of the hand that allows long periods of exercise without discomfort. With a palm made from soft, padded, artificial almara leather, your hands will feel comfortable and protected.

How Do I Clean My Cross Training Gloves?

To remove spills and stains, simply hand or machine wash with cold water only. Do not use detergent to clean your gloves. 

Stylish Choice of Colours

Blue not for you? The Fitness-Mad Cross Training Gloves are also available in pink.

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