Physio-Roll Therapy Ball

Physio-Roll Therapy Ball

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  • Alternative to a traditional therapy ball
  • Suitable for physiotherapy or sports
  • Encourages balance and flexibility
  • Available in a range of sizes
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In stock now

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The Physio-Roll Therapy Ball is a great way of relieving tension in the muscles as well as developing balance, flexibility and stretch capacity. Physio-rollers can be used for sports such as yoga or Pilates or as a rehabilitation/physiotherapy device. The roller is designed to ease the tension in the muscles and works at your level - you apply as much weight to a muscle as it will comfortably take. The Physio-Roll Therapy Ball can also be used to enhance core strength and improve balance, two elements that benefit any sort of sporting activity.

Who Can Make Gains with the Physio-Roll Therapy Ball?

From yoga to rehabilitation, the physio-roll therapy ball has a wide range of uses and is especially suitable for children. Compared to round-balls, the physio-roll moves forward, backwards and from side to side, allowing the focus to remain on stretching and building strength rather than only balancing. Suitable to be used in the gym for sets or for classes such as yoga, the therapy ball is easy to clean and keep hygienic. The ball is rated at 300kg and provides enough stability that it can be used for physiotherapy purposes as well as sport. Ideal for whether you are increasing your strength or getting back on your feet!

Features and Benefits of the Physio-Roll Therapy Ball

  • Suitable for all ages, especially children
  • Offers good stability
  • Used for physiotherapy
  • Helps increase core strength and balance
  • Rated at 300kg
  • Moves forwards, backwards and side to side
  • Three different sizes available
  • Available in three different colours

Specifications of the Physio-Roll Therapy Ball

The ball comes in the following sizes and colours:

Size Colour
300mm Blue
400mm Red
550mm Yellow

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