Replacement Kit for the Aircast AirSelect Short Walker Boot

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  • Ensures you remain comfortable throughout use
  • Ideal if you use the boot for long periods
  • Helps retain the benefits of SoftStrike
  • Includes an insole and liner in the kit
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Replacement Kit for the Aircast AirSelect Short Walker Boot

When you're looking to get back on your feet after an injury to the foot or ankle, the Aircast AirSelect Short Walker Boot is an excellent way of doing so while putting rehabilitative control in your own hands. However, like any support, the walker boot is susceptible to normal wear and tear if used over prolonged periods. If this is the case, the Replacement Kit is an excellent way of replacing worn parts of your walker boot without having to purchase a whole new device.

A replacement insole and insert for the AirSelect Short Walker Boot is included in this kit. This helps ensure you continue feeling the benefits of SoftStrike technology used in the support.

Who Can Make Gains with the Aircast Replacement Kit?

If you want to recover as quickly as possible from your injury, it's important that you stabilise the area to prevent further injury or discomfort. This Replacement Kit includes an insole and insert, both of which help cushion your foot against shock. This prevents damage in the area, helping you make a full recovery so you can continue performing the sporting activities you enjoy.

The AirSelect Short Walker Boot is suitable for the following indications:

  • Bunionectomy
  • Hallux valgus
  • Metatarsal fracture
  • Severe ankle sprain
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Stress and stable fracture of the foot

Key Features and Benefits of the Walker Boot and Kit

  • Replacement kit includes an insole and insert
  • Boot offers a solution for injuries related to the forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot
  • Features a durable, semi-rigid shell to support and protect the limb
  • Shell can be trimmed and moulded under high temperatures
  • Front panel is pre-inflated for additional support
  • Made with two adjustable distal aircells in the shell for added compression
  • Uses SoftStrike technology to absorb and dissipate shock
  • Lightweight and lab-tested rocker sole encourages a natural gait
  • Helps you continue with everyday activities
  • Non-marking, skid-resistant rubber tread for extra traction
  • Low-profile rocker sole reduces hyperextension of the knee
  • Three-strap system evenly disperses pressure
  • Features an intuitive and customisable inflation system

Sizing Information

The AirSelect Short Boot Replacement Kit insole and insert is available in five sizes. To find out which size you require, please refer to the table below. The sizes of this kit are determined by shoe size.

Size Men's UK Shoe Size Women's UK Shoe Size
Extra Small Up to Size 3 Up to Size 3
Small Up to Size 6 Sizes 3 - 6
Medium Sizes 6 - 9.5 Sizes 6 - 9
Large Sizes 9.5 - 13.5 Sizes 9 - 12
Extra Large Size 13.5+ Size 12+

Innovative SoftStrike Technology

SoftStrike Technology Benefits for the Aircast AirSelect Short Walker Boot

The Aircast AirSelect Boot uses SoftStrike technology, which is a patented grid design that puts a matrix of shock-absorbing material in direct contact with the heel. This absorbs and dissipates shock, which reduces discomfort in the area while also reducing heel loading and preventing impact-related stress.

Coupled with the use of a lightweight, low-profile rocker sole, the SoftStrike technology used in this walker boot encourages the use of a natural gait. This can significantly improve your ability to perform everyday activities without fear of discomfort or re-injury.

Fitting the AirSelect Short Walker

Fitting the AirSelect Short Walker Boot is easy. See the video below for a short guide.

Material Components

  • Outer sole: EVA
  • Insole: Rubber

Please note although the AirSelect Short Walker Boot is pictured, this is not included with your purchase.

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