Sissel Head Align Dynamic Pilates Neck Support

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  • Rubber device to align the head during Pilates exercises
  • Designed specifically for use with Pilates foam rollers
  • Encourages optimum body alignment for overall health
  • Prevents hyperextension of spine and increases user safety
Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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Sissel Head Align Dynamic Pilates Neck Support

Pilates is a strenuous exercise at the best of times, but sometimes your body's discomfort and lack of support can put a premature end to your pump. If you want to go further, try the Sissel Head Align Dynamic Pilates Neck Support, the best tool for supporting your body during Pilates sessions and easing tension across the neck and back.

Who Can Use Make Gains with the Head Align Dynamic?

If you're someone who enjoys Pilates, but can sometimes be left with a stiff neck, or find certain positions uncomfortable, the Sissel Pilates Head Align Dynamic will provide all the support you need for you to truly enjoy your workout. This is important because when you enjoy your workout, you'll feel like doing it more, and reach your goals for gains sooner.

Features and Benefits of the Sissel Pilates Support

  • Practical tool for Pilates mat and roller exercises
  • Prevents hyperextension of the cervical spine
  • Puts head in anatomically correct position
  • Dynamic rounded shape aids optimum body alignment
  • Made from synthetic rubber which maintains shape better than hardened foam rollers 
  • Latex and phthalate free, suitable for those sensitive or allergic to these materials
  • Can be used with any 15cm/6" diameter pilates roller

What Rollers Can I Use with the Sissel Head Align Dynamic?

The Sissel Head Align Dynamic can be used with a variety of rollers with 15cm diameters, such as the following compatible Sissel Pilates Rollers:

How Do You Use the Sissel Neck Support?

The Sissel Neck Support is a great way to assist proper spinal alignment during Pilates workouts. If you want a visual demonstration of the support in action, check out the video below:

How Does the Head Align Dynamic Work?

The Sissel Pilates Head Align Dynamic can be used with your existing roller or on its own to enhance your training:

  • Safety: This practical tool guides your head into the anatomically correct position and prevents hyperextension of the spine.
  • Form: By aiding optimum body alignment, the Head Align Dynamic helps ensure you perform your exercises correctly and safely.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Synthetic rubber
  • Colour: Blue/white

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