Sissel Press-Ball Grip Strengthener

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  • Resistance ball to train hand and finger muscles
  • Ideal for rehabilitation and stroke recovery
  • Increases user dexterity with continuous use
  • Available in 4 different resistance levels
Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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Sissel Press-Ball Grip Strengthener

In the world of health and fitness, our hands are our essential tools, but if their mobility is limited (for instance if you are recovering from a stroke), it can be incredibly frustrating. Available in a choice of four colour-coded resistance levels, the Sissel Press-Ball Grip Strengthener is a simple exerciser for encouraging both rehabilitation and recovery.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Resistance Ball
  • 1 x Exercise Booklet

Who Make Gains With the Sissel Press-Ball?

The Sissel Press-Ball is versatile with a range of uses for a number of different people:

  • Recovery: If your mobility has been limited, for instance if you are recovering from a stroke, you may experience reduced dexterity. This can significantly impact everyday tasks, but the Sissel Press Ball can be used in rehabilitation and therapy exercises to ease patients into rebuilding hand strength. 
  • Strength: Even if you aren't undergoing rehabilitation, the Press Ball provides an easy way of boosting your hand and finger strength. You simply squeeze the ball, whether you're sitting in front of the TV or at the office, to train your hand muscles without even thinking about it.

Key Features and Benefits of the Sissel Press-Ball

  • Solid foam ball for resistance-based hand exercises
  • Permits specific training of musculature 
  • Improves mobility of hand and forearm by working all muscles in hands and fingers
  • Press-Ball's design is especially suited for finger therapy
  • Can be used for rehabilitation and stroke recovery
  • Can be used in the MELT method, a neurofascia technique for pain relief
  • Available in 4 different resistances
  • Includes a free exercise booklet

Proven Method of Rehabilitation

Debilitating illnesses and post-operation fatigue can leave our hands and wrists weak and immobile. If you've suffered a stroke, or are rehabilitating from an injury, the Sissel Exerciser is a proven method of developing lost strength and feeling in the hands, fingers, wrists and forearms.

Rebuild motor skills and grip strength by squeezing the Sissel Press-Ball
Rebuild motor skills and grip strength by
squeezing the Sissel Press-Ball

Choose Your Strength

It's natural that we all have different strengths and weaknesses, which is why the Sissel Press-Ball has a variety of resistances to choose from. Those who have developed hands and forearms that want a challenge should pick a higher resistance (Strong or Extra Strong), while those with weaker hands and forearms due to injury should choose a lower resistance (Pink or Blue).

What Resistances Are Available?

The Sissel Press-Ball is available in four resistance types which are colour-coded. You can select your preferred resistance using the drop-down menu above:

  • Soft: Pink
  • Medium: Blue
  • Strong: Green
  • Extra Strong: Orange

Technical Specifications

  • Size Dimensions: Diameter of 50mm
  • Colour: Pink/Blue/Green/Orange

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