Thuasne GenuPro Comfort Elastic Patella Knee Support
Thuasne GenuPro Comfort Elastic Patella Knee SupportThuasne GenuPro Comfort Elastic Patella Knee SupportThuasne GenuPro Comfort Elastic Patella Knee Support
Thuasne GenuPro Comfort Elastic Patella Knee SupportThuasne GenuPro Comfort Elastic Patella Knee SupportThuasne GenuPro Comfort Elastic Patella Knee Support

Thuasne GenuPro Comfort Elastic Patella Knee Support

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  • Ultra-soft knee support with patella alignment support
  • Suitable for anterior knee pain, patella pain and instability
  • 3D compressive knit provides fast-working pain relief
  • AirFlex patella insert improves alignment and protect the kneecap
Currently unavailable. Please check back soon  

Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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Thuasne GenuPro Comfort Elastic Patella Knee Support

The Thuasne GenuPro Comfort Elastic Patella Knee Support is made using special "synthetic silk" material that provides a level of comfort that most knee braces simply can't live up to. This supreme comfort doesn't mean the support isn't effective either, with 3D knit compression and a firm patella buttress, the GenuPro delivers high-grade protection and support for achy knees.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Elastic Knee Support

Please note that this knee support can be worn on either the left or right leg.

Who Can Make Gains with the Thuasne GenuPro Comfort Elastic Patella Knee Support?

This extraordinarily comfortable knee brace is perfect for anyone looking for light, breathable pain relief. Constructed using a unique blend of viscous yarn, the GenuPro Comfort provides superb patella support for injured athletes, and is so comfortable that you won't have a problem with wearing it all day long.

Which Size Should I Choose?

The Thuasne GenuPro Comfort Knee Support is available in six sizes that should accommodate most users. To find out which size you need, please measure the circumference of your leg in two places: 15cm above the knee and 12cm below the knee. Once you have these measurements, use the sizing table below to find the right size.

How to take your measurements
Measure your thigh and calf as indicated

Size Thigh Circumference (15cm above knee) Calf Circumference (12cm below knee)
XX-Small 35 - 37cm 29.5 - 32cm
Extra Small 37 - 41cm 32 - 34.5cm
Small 41 - 45cm 34.5 - 37cm
Medium 45 - 50cm 37 - 39.5cm
Large 50 - 55cm 39.5 - 42cm
Extra Large 55 - 61cm 42 - 44.5cm
XX-Large 61 - 67cm 44.5 - 47cm

Top Sizing Tips

  • If your measurements do not match up in the table, we recommend choosing the larger size for greater levels of comfort
  • The brace is meant to be compressive and will feel tight as a result; if you would prefer less tightness, please select a larger size
  • If you do not have a flexible tape measure, take your measurements with a piece of string, then measure the string with a ruler

What Conditions Can the Thuasne GenuPro Comfort Brace Help Me With?

Featuring 3D compressive knitting and an AirFlex patella inert, the Thuasne GenuPro brace provides excellent support for the following conditions:

  • Anterior knee pain
  • Patella pain and mild instability
  • Patella tendinopathy (jumper's knee)
  • Knee pain and swelling management
  • Mild to moderate osteoarthritis

Key Features and Benefits

  • Feather-soft "synthetic silk" yarn provides gentle comfort for the skin
  • Stretch zones behind the knee enhance comfort during movement and flexion
  • AirFlex patella support helps maintain true alignment thanks to its oval shape
  • Patella insert conforms to the kneecap with a flexible, triangular-shaped structure
  • Opened insert design allows air to flow through grooves and openings
  • 3D knitted structure stabilises the knee and improves proprioceptive awareness
  • Compressive action also helps to contain and reduce oedemas
  • Lateral stays running either side of the leg for extra stability
  • 3D pull tabs provide a secure grip for easy application

Pillow-Soft Material

Manufactured with a viscose yarn material that's been coined "synthetic silk", the Thuasne GenuPro Comfort Knee Support provides exquisite levels of comfort for your skin. In addition, a stretch zone behind the knee allows you to flex the knee freely for comfort as you move.

Patella Protection

Intended primarily to protect and support the patella, the GenuPro Comfort features a specially made AirFlex insert that helps maintain true alignment of the kneecap thanks to its oval-shaped design. Its flexible structure conforms to the patella so as to not restrict movement, and features small grooves that allow air to flow through to the skin.

Thuasne GenuPro Elastic Knee Support Patella Pad
Thicker at the top to buttress the kneecap

Three Dimensional Compressive Knit

The GenuPro Comfort is anatomically knitted to deliver compression three dimensionally around the knee. This improves your proprioceptive awareness, essentially making you more aware of your movement to prevent you from injuring or overexerting yourself. Compression also helps to reduce oedemas and secure movement, which is helped by two lateral stays that run either side of the knee.

Learn More About the Thuasne GenuPro Comfort Knee Support

See the video below for a full breakdown and demonstration on how this knee brace works and what it can do to improve your quality of life!

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