Thuasne Ortel C2 Plus Soft Collar Neck Brace
 Thuasne Ortel C2 Plus Soft Collar Neck BraceThuasne Ortel C2 Plus Soft Collar Neck Brace 

Thuasne Ortel C2 Plus Soft Collar Neck Brace

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  • Anatomically shaped brace with rounded edges
  • Lined with padded foam for maximum comfort
  • Analgesis reinforcement supports the spine
  • Has a supportive semi-rigid internal structure
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In stock now

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Thuasne Ortel C2 Plus Soft Collar Neck Brace

Suffering from discomfort and pain in your neck tends to make the seemingly easiest actions (e.g. turning around) extremely difficult let alone playing sports. The Thuasne Ortel C2 Plus Soft Collar Neck Brace is an analgesic support for the cervical spine. With its anatomical shape, the brace immobilises the area to reduce pain while remaining comfortable throughout use.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Neck Brace

Who Can Make Gains with the C2 Soft Collar Support?

Suffering from a fall or trauma to your neck can cause pain and discomfort for a lengthy period of time. The Soft Collar Neck Brace is an analgesic support that helps support the area against discomfort and protect it from further injury. This is ideal if you've been told by your physiotherapist to rest and relax your neck before returning to your active lifestyle.

Sizing Information for the Post-Injury Neck Brace

The Ortel C2 Plus Soft Brace is available in three different sizes. To find the correct one for you, simply measure the circumference of your neck across the throat area as demonstrated in the image below.

Once you have this measurement, please consult the sizing chart below. If your measurement falls on a sizing boundary, our product experts recommend selecting the larger size for optimum comfort.

How to correctly measure the circumference of your neck

Neck Brace Size Neck Circumference (cm) Neck Circumference (inches)
Small 28 - 33cm 11 - 13"
Medium 34 - 39cm 13 - 15"
Large 40 - 46cm 15 - 18"

How Do I Find the Right Height for Me?

The Thuasne Ortel C2 Brace is available in three different height options. To find the right one for you, straighten your head and measure the distance between the edge of the chin and the top of the sternum.

If you are having difficulty finding your sternum, locate your collar bones and measure from the intersection at which they meet in the centre of your chest. This measurement should be taken "as the crow flies" from one point to another without running the tape measure along the chin and throat.

How to correctly measure for the right height neck brace

Neck Brace Height Measurement (cm) Measurement (inches)
Short 7.5cm 3"
Regular 9cm 3.5"
Long 11cm 4.5"

Why Is This Height Measurement Important?

This measurement ensures the brace you purchase will fit between the underside of your chin and your chest. If you have followed our sizing guidance above and are still concerned about restriction, we recommend selecting a size larger than indicated.

What If My Measurements Fall Between Sizes?

If your measurements mean you fall between sizes, we recommend you select the larger of the two. For example, if the distance between your sternum and chin measures 8cm, our experts recommend "regular" when selecting the correct height for you.

Sizing Tips and Tricks

  • Don't wrap your tape measure too tight - a loose circumference measurement is fine
  • Ensure you accurately locate your sternum using our guidance
  • If you fall between sizes, select the larger of the two options

How Do I Correctly Fit the Thuasne Ortel Brace?

To correctly apply the Ortel C2 Plus, undo the Velcro fastening, tilt your neck back and place the front side of the brace underneath your chin against your neck. Once in place, take the loose sides and attach at the back of the neck, fastening the brace in place using the hook and loop fastening attachments.

If you have a condition that greatly restricts movement, we recommend you seek assistance when fitting and applying your Orten C2 Brace.

Key Features and Benefits of the Ortel C2 Plus

  • Analgesic support for the cervical spine
  • Has a semi-rigid internal structure
  • Internal structure is covered in compact supporting foam
  • Anatomical shape with rounded edges for improved comfort
  • Removable and washable cover for improved hygiene
  • Precise adjustment using Velcro tabs
  • Can choose from three different heights
  • Available in three different sizes

How Soft Is the Thuasne Ortel C2 Brace?

The Thuasne C2 Plus is manufactured using the softest compact supporting foam available. The Ortel C2 is a high-density brace, meaning it will retain its shape well when it is supporting the neck.

How Much Will I Be Able to Move My Head?

As a high-density brace available in three different heights, the Thuasne C2 Plus is designed to provide tailored support no matter what size or shape you are. The innovative anatomical shape with rounded edges ensure the user can safely move their head whilst the neck is kept in place.

Comfortable Yet Effective

Designed with rounded edges, the Ortel C2 Plus is comfortable against your neck and doesn't dig into your skin. Inside the support is a semi-rigid structure that helps stabilise your neck. This is covered with a compact supporting foam to help you remain at ease during use.

The comfortable cover is also removable and washable. This allows you to keep the Soft Collar Neck Brace in good repair so it's ready to use whenever you suffer from neck pain.

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