Thuasne Ortel C4 Vario Universal Cervical Collar

Thuasne Ortel C4 Vario Universal Cervical Collar

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  • Easy-to-use dual height adjustment tabs for easy customisation
  • Has rigid posterior and anterior shells to stabilise the area
  • Cervical collar comfortably limits cervical range of motion
  • Provides pre- and post-operative surgical immobilisation
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Thuasne Ortel C4 Vario Universal Cervical Collar

Suffering from trauma to the neck can cause severe pain whenever you move your head, making exercise and sporting activities impossible. The Thuasne Ortel C4 Vario Universal Cervical Collar has been designed to comfortably limit cervical range of motion so you can heal quickly without further injuring the area. The support's rigid posterior and anterior shells help prevent you from sustaining more damage to your neck.

Who Can Make Gains with the Ortel Universal Collar?

Although a large number of sporting injuries to the neck are caused by collision or contact sports like American football and rugby, they can also be caused by a fall and blow to the head. As such, most sportspeople are susceptible to the trauma. The Ortel C4 Universal Collar immobilises your neck so you make a speedy recovery and can get back to being active again.

Thuasne's Universal Cervical Support has been designed to help with the following conditions:

  • Anterior cervical fusion
  • Cervical spondylosis
  • Cervical strains and sprains
  • Dens type 1 cervical fractures of C2
  • Post-surgical immobilisation
  • Pre-surgical immobilisation
  • Suspected cervical trauma
  • Spinal stenosis

Features and Benefits of the Ortel C4

  • Comfortably limits cervical range of motion
  • Provides pre and post-operative surgical immobilisation
  • Easy-to-use dual height adjustment pull tabs
  • Tabs enable easy customisation for each individual
  • Universal size is able to fit most users
  • Rigid posterior and anterior shells
  • Large tracheal opening
  • Removable padding makes cleaning easy
  • MRI, CT and x-ray friendly

Can Be Worn During Examinations

There's nothing worse than needing to wear a support and having to take it off before getting an MRI, CT or x-ray. The Universal Cervical Collar can be worn while you're getting an examination with these machines so you can ensure the area remains stable and immobilised.

Removable Padding

The Ortel C4 Collar has been designed with padding inside so you remain comfortable throughout use. As the padding is removable so you can clean it, you can rest assured that the support is hygienic even when you use it over a long period of time.

Universal Size

The Ortel C4 Vario is available in one universal size that fits most users. This size accommodates a neck circumference from 31 - 48cm, as well as a neck height from 9 - 16cm.

Please note that the Thuasne Ortel C4 Collar should not be used for the following contraindications: unstable fractures, neural involvement and occipitoatlantal dislocations.

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