Thuasne Ortel Hernia Truss
 Thuasne Ortel Hernia TrussThuasne Ortel Hernia Truss 

Thuasne Ortel Hernia Truss

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  • Removable and repositionable silicone pads
  • Available in unilateral or bilateral versions
  • Suitable for pre- or post-operative support
  • Ideal for reducible inguinal hernias
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Suffering from a hernia can cause a great deal of pain in the area. Whether you're waiting to get surgery on the condition or you've already undergone surgery, using a support to protect your waist is important to prevent further damage. The Thuasne Ortel Hernia Truss has been designed to protect and support the hernia and has an adjustable groin strap for improved stability.

Who Can Make Gains with the Ortel Hernia Belt?

If you play vigorous sports, you're more likely to get a sports hernia. This includes sports like American football, football, ice hockey and wrestling. Hernias cause severe pain so it's integral that you treat the condition and stabilise it as soon as possible with the Ortel Hernia Belt so you can recover quickly.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Truss for reducible inguinal hernias
  • Right or left adjustment system on unilateral version
  • Unilateral model has a unique buckle system for improved fit
  • Comfortable and effective
  • Has removable and repositionable silicone pads
  • Available in either a unilateral or bilateral version
  • Can be used for pre- or post-operative support

How Can the Thuasne Henia Truss Help You?

The Ortel Hernia Truss has been designed for the following conditions:

  • Reducible inguinal hernias
  • Pre-operative support
  • Post-operative support

What's the Difference Between the Unilateral and Bilateral Versions?

While the unilateral model of the Ortel Hernia Truss has been designed for those suffering from a single hernia, the bilateral model has been created for those with a double hernia. A double hernia is where you're suffering from the condition on both sides of your body, whereas a single hernia is where the condition is only present on one side.

While the unilateral version of the Hernia Truss only has one groin strap that can be placed on the left or right side, the bilateral version has two straps. In both models, the straps can be adjusted to ensure you remain comfortable throughout use.

Sizing of the Ortel Hernia Belt

Both the unilateral and the bilateral versions of the support are available in four different sizes. To find out which size will fit and support you best, measure the circumference of your waist level with your navel and consult the table below.

Size Waist Circumference (cm)
Small 75 - 85cm
Medium 86 - 97cm
Large 98 - 110cm
Extra Large 111 - 125cm

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