BioSkin Standard Knee Support

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  • Supportive compression knee support
  • Thin and light against the skin
  • Optional straps for secure fit and wear
  • Universal for left or right leg wear
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BioSkin Standard Knee Support for Knee Pain

The BioSkin Standard Knee Support for Knee Pain delivers a mixture of compression, support and stability enhancement in order to improve circulation, promote speedy recovery and reduce pain. The support comes with or without straps depending on the severity of your injury and is designed to help those with knee injuries such as knee pain, arthritis, sprains, strains and tendinitis get moving again.

What's Included?

  • 1 x BioSkin Knee Support

Which Size Knee Support Is Right for Me?

In order to select the perfect knee support size for you, we recommend measuring the circumference of your leg approximately 15cm above your knee and across the knee itself, as demonstrated in the image below. Once you have this measurement, please consult our sizing chart beneath with your measurements.

BioSkin Knee Support Measurements

Please note: If you are concerned about tightness, we recommend selecting a size up from the one your measurements recommend.

Size (1) 15cm Above Knee (2) Knee Circumference
Extra Small 41 - 46cm 31 - 33cm
Small 46 - 51cm 33 - 36cm
Medium 51 - 56cm 36 - 41cm
Large 56 - 64cm 41 - 43cm
Extra Large 64 - 17cm 43 - 46cm
XX-Large 71 - 81cm 46 - 54cm

What If My Measurements Conflict One Another?

If the circumference of your thigh and the circumference of your knee indicate two different sizes, we recommend you select the larger of the two. This is ensures the knee brace you select provides flexibility and stretch without compromising circulation and blood flow.

How Tight Is a BioSkin Standard Knee Support?

Designed to provide compression and a tight, therapeutic fit, the BioSkin Standard Knee Support compresses all the ligaments, tendons and muscles surrounding the knee to prevent instability and failure. Due to it's tight fitting nature, we recommend selecting a size larger than our chart indicates if you are concerned about tightness.

What Is the Benefit of a Tight Fitting Brace?

Unless you have a condition that makes compression dangerous, your brace should fit nice and tight and provide the necessary compression required to speed up blood flow and rehabilitation. Compression increases blood flow to a specific area, meaning wearing a brace will rapidly increase the speed of your recovery.

What Does a Correctly Fitted Bioskin Standard Knee Support Feel Like?

If you've correctly followed our sizing guidelines and you've slipped your brace on, you should feel a gentle level of compression at the top and bottom of your knee. Your patella should be showing through the hole at the centre of the support, allowing you to adjust the strap tightness until comfortable.

How To Correctly Fit Your BioSkin Standard Knee Brace

In order to correctly apply your knee support, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Loosen both Velcro straps
  2. Put your foot and leg through the brace hole and pull it up to the knee area
  3. Ensure your knee cap is placed in the exposed hole at the centre of the brace
  4. Tighten both straps until comfortable, adjusting the placement of the brace where necessary

How Do I Fit the BioSkin Support for Knee Pain?

As detailed above, The BioSkin Support is designed to be easy to fit. If you're after a set of visual instructions, please view the video below:

Should I Buy the Standard Knee Support With or Without Straps?

The BioSkin Knee Support is supplied either with or without straps. Whether you choose straps or not depends on the severity of the injury. For lesser serious injuries such as knee pain and knee strains, then strapless is fine, however for more serious injuries such as osteoarthritis, then we would recommend choosing straps.

Why Buy the BioSkin Standard Knee Support?

  • Reduce Pain: Stabilises the knee joint to relieve pain
  • Enhance Recovery: Prevents patella movement to improve recovery rate
  • Improve Circulation: Compresses the knee to improve circulation
  • Get Active: Allows you to move efficiently thanks to improves balance
  • Easy-Fit: Simple to fit by moving up the leg to the patella
  • Comfort: Lightweight sleeve is unobtrusive to wear
  • Ambidextrous: Will fit either leg for ease of use
  • Versatile: Suitable for wearing during activities and sport
  • Skin Health: Hypoallergenic material is friendly to the skin

What Can I Use the BioSkin Knee Support For?

The BioSkin Knee Support is designed to alleviate knee pain and improve the rate of recovery while allowing you to get active again. It is supplied  with or without a strap, depending on your injury:

  • Without Knee Straps:
    • ​Anterior Knee Pain
    • Chondromalacia Patella
    • Medial or Lateral Patella Subluxation
    • Medial or Lateral Patella Tracking
    • Patello-Femoral pain
  • With Knee Straps:
    • Early Osteoarthritis
    • Inflammation
    • LCL Sprains
    • MCL Sprains
    • Meniscal Cartilage Tears / Repairs
    • Mild Sprains & Instabilities
    • Patella Tendonitis

Where Can I Use the BioSkin Knee Support?

The BioSkin Knee Support can be used either at home, while playing sport or while out and about. The brace is designed to get you moving again, so for anyone who is stuck indoors with their knee injury this brace should be ideal. Please note that the support is not suitable for use in water.

Use the Knee Brace During Activities Such as Sport or Gardening
Use the Knee Brace During Activities Such as Sport or Gardening

How Does the Knee Support Enhance Recovery?

The support provides excellent compression to your knee. By improving circulation around the knee, it means that the speed at which the knee will recover is increased. The support also prevents any unwanted patella movement, which ensures that any activity that could prevent the speed at recovery is reduced.

How Does the BioSkin Support Reduce Pain?

During the recovery from knee injuries, stability is crucial to relieving pain. The BioSkin Brace offers lightweight stability to the knee joint, allowing the knee to function more efficiently and naturally which can reduce the pain associated with knee injuries.

How Comfortable Is the BioSkin Knee Support?

It is designed using Ultima material that is strong and tight, providing medical grade compression. This material also has breathable and lightweight properties, helping to improve comfort during use. The fit is also secure because it uses stabilising straps above and below to reduce discomfort.

Washing Instructions

To wash your BioSkin Brace please follow the below instructions:

  • Hand wash in cold water
  • Hang to dry
  • Do not machine wash
  • Do not tumble dry

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