5 Reasons the Aircast A60 ankle brace is the best support for tennis

6 June 2016  |  Alex

Summer is (almost) officially upon us and alongside lobster-red sunburns, disappointing performances in international football tournaments and the Daily Express claiming that it is going to be the "HOTTEST SUMMER FOR X YEARS", another stalwart of the British Summer is Wimbledon. Like a lot of Brits, seeing Andy Murray et al sprinting across the court to hit a backhand into the opposite corner with laser guided precision makes me think: "I could do that."

Of course, being nowhere as good as Andy Murray, I'm not making quite as many of those gasp-inducing shots, but what I do share with Mr. Murray are the same painful ankle injuries. Those of you that have been following Andy Murray's career will know that the Scot has faced numerous ankle injuries, including significant ligament damage in his ankle. In spite of this, he still manages to get through to the finals of Grand Slam tournaments on a regular basis. His secret? The Aircast A60 Ankle Brace.

Here's five points on why the Aircast A60 is the best ankle brace for tennis and why it is the choice of champions.

5. The Aircast A60 is Comfortable to Wear

While support must be the main focus of any sports support or brace (it is in the name, after all), all of the best braces can combine support with comfort. The Aircast A60 is the perfect example of this; it features a breathable material that means no matter how hot and sweaty you become, your ankle stays as dry and ventilated as possible. Anyone that's tried to serve out a match with the sun bearing down on them can tell you that even the littlest thing can throw you off of your game. On top of this, the Aircast A60 is completely latex-free, meaning you are far less likely to have an allergic reaction to the materials while wearing it.

4. The Aircast A60 Ankle Support Can Be Washed

We've all had that experience – you buy a new top, it's stylish, flattering and it looks good on you; however after one wash it has changed into a shapeless and distorted mess. Well the same can happen with braces of an inferior quality – either you find out that it's not suitable for washing (leaving you with a gross, sweaty brace) or you do wash it according to the instructions and find that something's not quite the same.

The Aircast A60 avoids this problem – you can wash it time after time without having to worry about deterioration of performance or support. For people that are playing tennis every week, this washability is a life-saver, ensuring that you're not stuck playing in the same unhygienic brace week after week.

Aircast A60

3. The Aircast A60 is Unobtrusive

No matter what sport you're taking part in, if your attire isn't quite right, it can have a huge effect. Ask a runner whose shoes are that little bit tight or the footballer whose studs just aren't quite the same as they usually – there is a fine line between success and failure and any disadvantage is deadly. The Aircast A60 Support is designed to have a low profile, meaning that it doesn't prevent you from wearing your favourite shoes (or even your lucky socks!). Designed to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible, the A60 allows you to go about your game, safe in the knowledge your ankle is protected.

As a bonus, the A60 Ankle Brace is very easy to fit and adjust, with a simple one strap system that ensures that you don't have to faff about at the courtside trying to get a proper level of fit. The A60 simply fits your ankle and provides the optimum level of support.

2. The Aircast A60 is Affordable

While it is the choice of the reigning Olympic tennis champion (until the end of summer, at least), it may surprise you to find out the Aircast A60 does not have to break the bank. Providing a professional level of support for your ankle but at a price that any sports person can afford, the A60 proves that you don't have to be flashy or extravagant to do your job properly.

As well as not making a dent in your wallet, the A60 also doesn't make a dent in your street cred. The design of the Aircast A60 is a classic – the black colour is not garish and will never go out of style, the sleek lines and slim fit make sure that the Aircast is subtle and stylish. Just because the price is inexpensive doesn't mean the product has to look it.

1. The Aircast A60 Ankle Brace Works

We could talk up how comfortable it is or the value for money that it provides but the question that every sportsperson is going to ask is: "Does it work?" The Aircast definitely has the credentials to back up its hyperbole – you don't become the go-to support for one of the best tennis players in the world without working some magic.

Like most magic tricks, when someone actually explains how the Aircast A60 works it is deceptively simple. The brace features 60° stabilisers that are designed to prevent your ankle from moving, avoiding problems such as "rolling ankles", sprains and strains, and protecting against chronic instability. Whether you've had issues with your ankles in the past or you want something to prevent injury, the Aircast A60 Brace is an excellent choice. By keeping both sides of the ankle supported, the A60 prevents lateral shifting of the joint, reducing your chance of injury and letting you play without fear!

Learn more about the Aircast A60 and buy it here.

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