Alex's Marathon Training Blog

My name is Alex, I'm twenty-five and I am currently in training for my third marathon. Join me on my journey as I go through the highs and lows of preparing for a marathon as well as giving tips and hints from my own personal experience. I'll be tackling the big subjects of running and recovery as well as keeping you all updated about the training that I have been doing.

9 August 2016  |  Alex
Marathon Training Diary, Week 6: The importance of rest for runners

Most runners know the bittersweet feeling of having to rest – you know that you have to rest in order to improve but at the same time not running can leave you feel a little antsy. In this edition of my Marathon Training Diary, I'll be focusing on this dual relationship that exists between runner and rest.

1 August 2016  |  Alex
Marathon Training Diary, Week 5: Dealing with your environment

When you're training for a race, you need to run as regularly as possible. What are you supposed to do, however, when the weather just won't play ball? In this week's marathon training diary I have a look at the 5 things that every runner needs to do in order to beat the elements and make the most from their regime, whatever the weather.

25 July 2016  |  Alex
Marathon Training Diary, Week 4: The importance of failure

I am a failure when it comes to running. If I wasn't, every one of my runs would be more successful than the last and I would be one of the fastest people in the world! Fortunately, you can own your imperfections and use them to your advantage, find out how with this week's marathon training diary.

19 July 2016  |  Alex
Marathon Training Diary, Week 3: Is running boring?

Join me for the third week of my marathon running blog where I'll be thinking about running and boredom; two subjects that go hand in hand for some people (if you're one of them, you might want to turn back now). As always, I'll be pontificating on the philosophical implications of running as well as recommending a few pop bangers to improve your performance.

11 July 2016  |  Alex
Marathon Training Diary, Week 2: Why do we run?

This week I attempt to answer the big question that all non-runners want to know – what are you doing out at the crack of dawn on a Sunday going out to run in the rain? Most runners know that what they are doing makes no sense objectively, but we do it anyway! Read on if you want to find out why!

2 Comments4 July 2016  |  Alex
Marathon Training Diary, Week 1: Sacrifice and abnegation

Join me while I chart my ups and downs of training for a marathon. Each week I'll be sharing my thoughts about running, my tips on how to rest and recover as well as increase your speed, and even a couple of recommendations for your personal running playlist.