Baden: A story of quality and innovation

4 December 2017

Founded in Washington State, the Baden brand was built around the idea that players deserved a better experience, a simple concept that had been sadly neglected by those who were funding America's sporting industry throughout the 20th century. After taking the time to learn every detail that goes into making a great ball, the sport mad father and son team behind Baden started work in 1979. 

Instant Impact

With a refreshing state of mind and the vision of combining world class quality and innovation behind every decision the company made, success was never likely to be far away. Baden's first landmark achievement was creating and mass producing the first women's sized basketball, a model still used today, and from here similar breakthroughs soon followed in various sports. 

women's basketball photo

Branching Out

Although most widely known for their basketballs and baseballs, the team at Baden now lend their expertise to many fields of play and are creating balls and other other accessories for the following disciplines:

  • Football 
  • Volleyball
  • Softball 
  • Dodgeball

They've also recently released a range of soft, lightweight playground balls that are designed to help young children learn vital skills like throwing and catching.

Baden Playground Balls

Where It All Began

Of course, even a company as diverse as this one has the good sense to keep doing what they do best and as a result, Baden's selection of Basketballs is now bigger and better than ever before. Training balls like the Baden Skills Basketball and Oversize Skilcoach Ball will enable every age and ability to enjoy playing and developing their skills, while the Elite Match Ball offers a peerless level of performance that is approved by the body behind college basketball in the USA. 

Basketball Photo