Donjoy - the Joy of Movement

1 December 2015

Injury can be a downer for anyone, especially elite athletes. If you're an experienced sportsman you know that it could strike at any time, negatively impacting your performance on the pitch, the court or the track, and even putting you out of action completely. If you take the right precautions though, damage could be limited, and you could be on the mend in no time. That's when Donjoy comes in. With an extensive range of supports and braces, they ensure that you will feel safe and secure while you're rehabilitating, and allow you to continue your active lifestyle with minimal discomfort.

Who are Donjoy?

Donjoy pioneered the concept of functional knee bracing more than 30 years ago and have been a frontrunner in the industry ever since. By studying the body thoroughly, listening to athletes, consulting physicians and pushing the envelope of innovation, Donjoy has lead the profession of performance. 

Beginning life as a small company founded in a California garage in 1978, Donjoy has since developed into the largest orthopaedic rehabilitation company around, employing over 5000 people in more than a dozen facilities worldwide. It has incorporated a number of companies and nowadays is a billion dollar company known as DJO Global. The aim remains the same as it has throughout though - to enable all people to regain the joy and comfort of natural movement.

You 'Knee'd to Try it

The overall perception of knee bracing technology available to most patients today is that “everyday” knee braces can be unsightly, bulky, heavy, minimally effective, restrictive and uncomfortable. This is far from the truth, as Donjoy's knee braces are specially constructed to prevent injuries, allow people to remain active while healing, and protect the knee from future injury, as well as being comfortable and barely noticeable. 

Protecting Your ACL 

The part of your knee that is often most at risk during sports is the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). This should be called the 'crucial' ligament as it is so important to stabilising your knee when turning or landing. Sports which involve a lot of sudden changes of movement unfortunately also put your ACL at a greater risk of tearing, either partially or fully. ACL injuries result in a lot of time out of action, and some people never come back fully from them. If you have reconstruction surgery the path to fitness is difficult, yet achievable with the right supports. Therefore it is vital to give people a product that will reduce the chance of re-injury, and speed up the recovery process.

Donjoy have several such products, including The Donjoy 4Titude Knee Brace. Ideal for moderate to severe ACL, and other knee ligament injuries, it is a low profile knee brace that is perfect for everyday use on the road to recovery. Including Donjoy's four point of leverage system, which is a feature of several of their knee braces, it provides a constant dynamic load on the knee. 

Where Can You Get Them?

If you've injured your knee, Think Sport is the place to go for Donjoy Products. With a whole range of other braces and supports for the elbow, ankle, shoulder and more, why not check out the whole range by clicking here for the Think Sport website.