Feetures Supporting an Active Lifestyle

10 September 2015

As all runners know, what you have on your feet is important. But that doesn’t just apply to shoes, as the socks you wear also have a large impact on comfort and performance.

Feetures produce some of the best performance socks in the world, made by runners for runners. It is a family company which manages, despite its global reach, to maintain an outstanding level of personal service. The company is driven by the principles of Quality, Accountability, Simplicity, Adaptability, Sustainability and Innovation. When you say hello to Feetures you can say goodbye to sore feet and burning blisters.

Technologically Advanced

Feetures socks are the result of highly advanced technology, they have been carefully designed with even the smallest aspects dissected to ensure that they are up to snuff. There are four main ranges within the company: High Performance, Elite, Elite Merino+ and Graduated Compression. Each caters to slightly different preferences but all give great comfort and support to runners and other athletes. The original sock design, the High Performance, features power bands of Lycra that hug and support the foot, resulting in an unbeatable fit that banishes discomfort. 

The most advanced socks, the Elite range, are anatomically constructed using the patented "Sock-Lock" technology. Targeted support is given where it is needed the most, lessening the effects of impact and ensuring a great fit. Blisters, the bane of distance runners, are a thing of the past with these socks as they help to reduce the amount of friction in your shoes to prevent rubbing. These, as well as the High Performance range, also contain fibres that wick moisture away and keep your feet cool, dry and happy.

For those who value comfort above all else, the Merino+ range contains a mix of premium wool and bamboo which insulates when wet, keeping your feet warm and cosy. The special fibres also have anti-odour properties that prevents bad odours from affecting them, thus keeping the socks fresher and more palatable.

The compression socks help to improve circulation, which results in a faster recovery and less fatigue after exercise. 

Unique to You

Feetures understand that your desires might vary. Whether you want a lighter, cooler feel, a combination of cushioning and comfort or you’re most concerned with maximum warmth and protection, Feetures has you (and your feet) covered! 

If you’re serious about taking care of your feet, head on over to thinksport.co.uk to browse the whole collection.