FlipBelt Review: A reliable belt for running

26 September 2016  |  Alex

I started running in earnest about two years ago and in that time, I've had quite a few issues with what to do with my personal belongings while running. At first I kept my keys in the pockets of my shorts, but I soon found that the repetitive movement of running coupled with the jagged edges of my keys tore holes in my sportswear. After this, I tried keeping keys and small change in my sock but this irritated my ankle and left my socks a little worse for wear.

Just when I was resigning myself to not being able to find a solution (or worse – becoming one of those people that runs in a bum bag) someone pointed me in the direction of the FlipBelt Running Storage Belt. I'm usually quite skeptical about the "best x for running" as I think that when it comes to running, personal preference is everything. For example, I like my shoes lightweight and with as little padding as possible, whereas other people wouldn't dare run without a couple of inches of padding backing them up. With the FlipBelt, I found myself agreeing with everything that had been written about the belt and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.


One of the things that immediately drew me to the FlipBelt was its subtle, understated design. Though I'm a little ashamed to admit it, I am quite vain when it comes to my running gear (I know that it shouldn't matter to me how it looks, but it does...) and the idea of being seen in a bumbag was anathema to me. I chose the subtle and discreet "carbon" version of the belt – though there are more colourful variants available, for people that like that sort of thing – and was pleasantly surprised at how discreetly I could wear it with my existing gear.

Due to the FlipBelt's tubular design, it stays a lot closer to the body than most other running storage belts and this means that it's ideal for wearing beneath your clothes. And when I say it's discreet, I mean it's even discreet when you're wearing your tightest (or most aerodynamic, as I like to think of it) gear possible.


The FlipBelt is one of those ideas that is so simple that you'd be surprised that somebody hadn't thought of it earlier. Unlike traditional bum-bag or waist pack where there is usually a demarcation between the "bag" and the "belt", with the FlipBelt they are one and the same. The belt is a hollow tube of fabric, that has five or six small slits that allow you to add your precious items (phones, keys, wallet, money, Oyster card – anything that you want, really). Once you've added everything that you want to store, you simply flip the belt around – hence the name – and this means that all points of egress are now facing your torso, making it very difficult for anything to spill-out from your belt.

On top of the tubular design, there is also an internally-fixed plastic clip that provides you with an easier and more secure method of storing your keys. If you are like me and run without carrying your phone or your wallet, knowing that your keys are 100% securely fastened is a relief. Before I owned a FlipBelt, I would be constantly checking my pockets or my socks to make sure that I hadn't lost my keys, but now the thought barely crosses my mind.

An x-ray of the FlipBelt in use

An example of the storage space offered by the FlipBelt


The FlipBelt is a little bit like a Tardis – no matter how many products you add to it, it never seems to get too bulky or too uncomfortable. I have run two marathons while wearing my FlipBelt when it was holding my keys, my phone, money et cetera and at no point did it feel uncomfortable (though, to be fair, the searing pain in my legs might have been distracting me somewhat). There's no higher testament to a running belts quality than that!

The belt features a soft material that doesn't irritate the skin or rub against you and the flat design means that there is no point at which a lot of pressure is applied. With a variety of sizes available, the FlipBelt is suitable for people with a size 23" waist up to a size 41", more than enough for every runner!


Overall, having used the FlipBelt regularly for about a year, it's hard for me to not recommend it to other runners. While everyone has their own preferences, some products are just an all-round good idea and good execution. I'd have to give the FlipBelt a 9/10 overall.


  • Comfortable design, even during long periods of usage
  • Stylish and discreet design
  • Can be worn over or under clothes
  • Includes clip for key security
  • Plenty of storage space without becoming bulky
  • Available in multiple colours and styles great for every users


  • If you forget to flip the belt, you can risk items falling out
  • Can become a little smelly if not regularly washed – can be machine washed with the rest of your equipment

Visit Think Sport to find out more and buy your very own FlipBelt Running Storage Belt.