How to Use Gravity Boots

16 November 2015

With the widespread nature of back issues, inversion therapy has come along as a great solution to deal with conditions such as trapped nerves, spinal compression, sciatica and many other related injuries. These conditions can cause people to miss work, or take time off from their favourite sports or activities. Gravity Boots suspend the the user upside down, and allow for stretching and exercise without potentially harmful compression, or the risks of using heavy weights.

How to Use Gravity Boots

Gravity Boots are versatile products that can either be used in combination with an inversion table, or with an inversion rack/bar that can be secured to the majority of standard door frames. They essentially act as ankle supports, allowing you to hang comfortably, securely and safely upside down so gravity can get to work on decompressing your spine. 

Benefits of Gravity Boots

Gravity Boots are ideal for anyone who wants to relieve back pain, ease stress, improve joint health, flexibility or just generally improve their fitness by working against gravity for a challenging workout. Aside from the general pain-relieving benefits of decompression, stretching whilst using this product is very beneficial, since moving your joints through their range of motion while your muscles are relaxed helps to improve flexibility and promote healthy joints. Other exercises such as crunches and reverse squats can be performed whilst inverted, which is a great way of strengthening your core and lower body especially. Doing exercises against gravity is particularly challenging, not to mention safer than compressing your spine with a heavy load.

Gravity Boots Exercises

The main muscle groups that will be worked using gravity boots are the muscles of the thighs and the abdominals (stomach). Just hanging upside down will make the abs and the hamstrings contract as they fight to keep the body stable, but certain exercises can be implemented to work the muscles even more effectively.

Reverse crunches - These are just like regular crunches, but harder, thanks to the fact that you're working against gravity. This also means that the benefits will be worth the challenge. Your hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles will also be working to keep you stable during the movement, for a great lower body workout too. By adding weight to the movement you can make the crunch even more of a challenge, which allows for constant progression in your training. 

Reverse squats - again, like the traditional squat movement but the opposite, as the strain will be hardest while you bend your legs. Simply use your leg muscles, in particular the hamstrings, and the glutes to bend the leg at the knee and lift yourself up as far as you can. These are quite challenging and should not be attempted without a decent level of fitness to start with, but they can be modified to be easier if you have anything to grab onto with your hands to assist the movement. 

Best Gravity Boots

If you want to buy the best gravity boots on the market, look no further than the Teeter Gravity Boots. Featuring unparalleled comfort, they have 1.6 cm foam liners making for an enjoyable user experience. Removable calf loops come with the boots, which place a two degree bend in the knees. This reduces the load on the knee joints and the top of the foot, for a safer experience. The Gravity Boots can be used with Teeter EZUp Inversion Rack, a double-bar system that secures to a standard wood door frame. Gravity Boots can also be used with the Inversion Bar, a single bar system, or a range of other Teeter inversion tables.

If the regular gravity boots are a bit small for you, why not go for the Teeter XL Gravity Boots? One inch larger in diameter than the regular boots, and one and a half inches taller, they are ideally suited for people with bigger feet, or those who like a little more comfortable, relaxed fit. 

Where Can You Buy Gravity Boots?

Right here, of course! We are proud to stock a range of Teeter products which include the gravity boots, xl gravity boots and assorted racks and packages. So what are you waiting for? Click here and shop the whole range now.