Kinetik Medical: Get Your Heart Racing

18 December 2015

The New Year is coming up and it’s time for those resolutions: the promises we manage to keep, the ones we at least make the effort to keep before surrendering. And let's not forget the ones we wonder why we made them in the first place.

How many people will pledge they will get fit this year? Probably a far greater number than those who manage to achieve it.

What if it isn’t your fault though? It has been proven that without a guide to monitor our progress, it is harder to stick to our goals. The same is true when it comes to weight loss and getting fit. Is it your imagination or are you breathing easier after that hill? How do you know? And if you don’t know…why bother to continue?

Not knowing is no longer an excuse. Not since Kinetik Medical arrived on the scene with their sophisticated and up-to-date technology monitoring your every move.


Kinetik Medical are aimed at you and me. The everyday people. They believe that technology – monitors, heart devices etc – should not just target those suffering from conditions; they should target everyone.

From blood pressure to heart monitors, Kinetik Medical focus on bringing the care into your home, allowing you to track what your body is doing on a daily (or at least, regular) basis.

There is no excuse with Kinetik Medical. Exercise is not just for top athletes, but for everyone - according to them. If you are provided with the information about what your body is actually doing while you gasp for breath, you are more likely to stick with it and achieve your goals.

So they say.

Movement and monitors

Kinetik have a wide range of products that focus on our health and fitness. While blood pressure monitors are ideal for keeping an eye on your health, their fitness trackers and heart monitors stops ignorance preventing you from reaching your goals.

Products such as the Exercise and Fitness Tracker monitor your heart rate while you are working out. It doesn't just use GPS to track your actual location. It tracks the movements you are making and even calculates when you are working hard enough to start burning fat stores.

But they aren’t just about making you work. It’s about keeping you healthy and fit. Exercising is genuinely good for you and can help improve your quality of life. By monitoring how hard you are working, use of their technology also helps you work out how long you should be resting for and whether you are pushing yourself too hard.

Kinetik Medical aren’t about making you work hard and exercise harder. They are about helping to keep you fit and healthy.

Think Sport has a wider range of products. Take a look to see for yourself the Kinetik Medical Products.