Mio - Putting the Heart in Heart Rate Monitors

14 October 2015

With the modern advances in technology, using heart rate monitoring during exercise is now a common thing. The benefits of knowing your heart rate are numerous – you can train in various heart rate 'zones' which can burn fat or improve cardiovascular fitness, you can see an immediate physiological response to different types of exercise and you can prevent injury caused by over-training or improper pacing, among other things. Yet if you want to wear a heart rate monitor on the go, you would usually need to wear an uncomfortable chest strap with it. Mio has changed this, though, creating accurate products that require no chest strap and sit comfortably on your wrist.

Who, Mio?

Mio create simple, well-designed heart rate wristbands and watches, so that you can accurately track your fitness and recovery as well as improve performance. Placing a premium on comfort and convenience, they have developed these products with innovative technology that dispenses with the need for an uncomfortable and bulky chest strap.

Mio's main principles are:

To Empower - Mio empowers athletes with the tools they need to train smarter and reach their fitness goals.

To Innovate - Being pioneers in optical heart rate sensors for the wrist, Mio engineers the most accurate heart rate wearables which help maximise your training.

To be Open - Mio believes that athletes shouldn't have to commit to just one app or device. That's why all the products can connect to third party smartphone fitness apps, GPS watches and bike computers.

The Technology

Mio's products wouldn't be what they are without the advanced technology within them. The specialists at MIO have incorporated an electro-optical cell into the devices which senses the volume of blood under the skin. From there, sophisticated algorithms are applied so that the heart's true rhythm can be detected, even during intense workouts. 

By using the device around your wrist you can connect with a range of different fitness apps, GPS watches and bike computers, and the data will be sent wirelessly to your mobile device via Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+. Track your distance, pace, speed and calories with the built-in accelerometer or hold hours' worth of data that can be synced later.

The Products

Alpha 2 - coming in colour variations based on size, the Alpha 2 Black, Yellow and Punch combine the best features of a watch and a heart rate monitor. EKG-accurate heart rate can be taken without the need for an inconvenient chest strap, using special technology that senses the volume of blood under the skin. Connect with a range of apps, track your speed, pace, distance and calories or just check the time - this product offers it all.

Linka more streamlined, lightweight and inconspicuous model, the Link offers accurate heart rate data as well as customisable heart rate zones that tell you what level you're operating at with LED lights. If you want a great product without unnecessary frills then the Mio Link is a great choice.

Velowith all the features of the Link but specialised for cycling. Send your data to a range of cycling apps and bike computers, and see your performances improve.

Dios Mio!

If this all sounds good to you, then why not check out the whole range. We are proud to stock a range of Mio Products at the Think Sport website, so get them now!