More Mile: Performance without the price tag

29 January 2016

What you wear matters. If you live an active lifestyle, you'll no doubt put some thought into what you're putting on your body as you go out to train, but there's a happy medium between a moth-eaten sweatshirt and ultra high-performance sports gear made with technology you don't understand. If you're serious about your training, you'll want to give yourself every advantage you can, as well as protection against the elements, but not if it breaks the bank. That's where More Mile comes in.

Who is More Mile?

More Mile is a company that produces cutting-edge sports apparel, footwear and fitness accessories for all sport and leisure activities. Since the company came about in 2001 their aim has been to empower athletes everywhere to consistently perform at their best, whatever their chosen discipline.

More Mile isn't just a name, it's an attitude - and it's something shared with athletes everywhere. It's a refusal to be satisfied with performance. A yearning for continual improvement. A desire to achieve MORE every time we take to the track or field. More Speed. More Distance. More Power. MORE MILE. This is a philosophy that permeates every product produced from socks to compression clothing.

Investing in the Future

More Mile is more than just a simple sportswear manufacturer, it's also a dedicated sponsor of amateur athletics and grassroots sports all over the UK. Currently the manufacturer of choice for the English School's Athletic Association, More Mile takes great pride in supporting the sports and athletics stars of tomorrow. Several More Mile products bear the ESAA's logo, so you too can show your support.

More Mile Running

More Mile has a wide range of products available, but a large portion of these are targeted towards runners. If you're a regular on the road or the track, you'll appreciate the need for clothing that fits well and is comfortable, breathable and lightweight, while offering protection against the elements.   

Given the fickle nature of the English weather, it's good to have a product that will keep you warm and dry without overheating. The More Mile Select Woven Men's Running Jacket / Ladies Running Jacket is fully waterproof, lightweight and reflective, meaning no conditions are off-limits.

If you're looking for simple yet effective shorts, look no further than the More Mile More-Tech Men's Running Shorts, with a lightweight and breathable design that won't slow you down, and will leave you feeling comfortable even when the pressure's on.

Compression Gear

Sometimes the temperature can get too cold for shorts and t-shirts, and everyone knows that cold, stiff muscles are a recipe for disaster when you combine them with exercise. More Mile has a range of compression products, such as the More Mile Seal Ladies Compression Tights. With sweat-wicking properties and a snug, comfortable fit, you can improve your fitness whatever the weather. 

Fitness Accessories

More Mile also has some great fitness accessories to help you have a more rounded, balanced exercise regimen. The More Mile Dual Grip Medicine Ball lets you workout wherever you want, and in a range of weights from 4kg to 10kg there's something to suit everyone. If you overdo it with the running or the weights, there's always the More Mile 3m Kinesiology Tape, which can help reduce muscle fatigue, prevent cramps and promote blood flow for more effective recovery.