Neat 3B: No Sweat!

18 December 2015

If you’re a sportsperson, sweating is familiar and inevitable. A vital function, without sweating we would not be able to bust out toxins and balance our body temperatures, something so important post-workout when your body will be considerably warmer.

Sweating is associated with feeling hot, but in fact it’s something that helps keep you cool by allowing heat to evaporate away from your body. After a good workout session you’ll likely be feeling energised and optimistic, the sweat giving you a healthy, rosy glow – a visual sign of what you have achieved. You earned that sweat!

However, sweating can cause great discomfort. Chafing, itchiness, odour, fungal infection, ruined clothes and embarrassing social situations are just some of the unfortunate outcomes of sweating. It’s no wonder there’s such a high demand for antiperspirant products! Whether you’re an athlete or not, sweating discomfort is a common problem, with approximately 3% of the population suffering from hyperhidrosis – extreme excessive sweating.

Neat 3B have developed products to help with this, in the form of creams and gels. These can be applied to the face or body and help make you feel more comfortable, whether you want to get the most out of your work out, or simply want to avoid embarrassing social situations. 

Face Up to Sweating with the Face Saver Gel

We’ve all been there. You’re in an important meeting - an interview, or perhaps a first date – and you feel your sweat glands start to prickle. You’re nervous, which is making you sweat, and you’re sweating, which is making you nervous! A vicious cycle, you soon find yourself pretending to need the toilet so you can desperately dab at your beading upper lip, or splash water on your clammy forehead.

This is a temporary solution, and no matter how many times you dab, wipe, dry and splash, you know the sweat is just going to keep coming back. You need to fight it before it starts, and Neat 3B’s Face Saver Gel helps you do just that.

Smoothed onto clean, dry skin, the non-sticky, antiperspirant gel evaporates rapidly from the face, leaving a thin film which prevents sweating and shine. If you’re wearing makeup or sunscreen you can use the Face Saver Gel like a primer, applied underneath to keep your makeup looking fresher for longer, even in hot weather.

Lights, Camera, Action Cream

If you’re exercising or playing sport, you don’t want anything to stand in your way. A recurrent distraction can have you abandoning your workout out of frustration, or losing to your opponent because you just weren’t focused enough.

A common but no less intolerable distraction is chafing. This happens when moist skin rubs together, for example between the legs, and is experienced when in hot weather, by athletes and by those who carry extra weight. 

Neat 3B’s Action Cream is an emollient antiperspirant which both reduces sweat and soothes the skin to prevent friction. By diminishing moisture in certain areas of the body, the Action Cream also fights against fungal infections like tinea and intertrigo. 

So when it’s lights, camera, action time for your work out, don’t find yourself having to yell ‘cut’ – see it through, chafe-free!

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