Oru Kayak - Model Comparison

6 November 2015

Being able to fold it up isn't something that immediately comes to mind when you think of kayaks. Yet that's what Oru have created in a revolutionary piece of design that combines ancient ideas with space-age technology. The four different models all have their own special benefits, and are perfect for different situations, so if you're wondering which one is the most suited to you then look no further. 

Oru Bay

This is the original model that launched it all. It is 12 feet of pure grace and speed on the water, and a portable and compact box weighing just 12 kilograms everywhere else. Equally suited to beginners or experienced kayakers, it is stable enough for inexperienced users, while fast and sporty enough for experts. 

Though smaller than the Oru Coast, the Bay still has plenty of room to stash away gear, or a picnic, making it perfect for day trips or short camping excursions. It is also very durable. With the proper care, it can last for years of paddling. It is made of a material that has been manufacturer-rated for 20 000 fold cycles - most likely more than you'll ever need. In the unlikely event of breakage every component piece can be replaced. 

Oru Bay+

The Bay+ shares many of the features of the original Bay model, but offers subtle changes and improvements. The Bay+ packs a whole list of features for added comfort, convenience and style. A new adjustable seat keeps your back and legs happy for the long haul. Extra deck straps and an easy-to-reach deck hatch make storing gear easy. Stainless steel ratchet buckles make assembly smooth and fast. And custom deck graphics add extra flair, ensuring you and your kayak are looking at your best when you hit the water. Whether you’re out to conquer the wilderness or just impress your neighbours, the Bay+ has got you covered.

The Bay+ is also made from a durable, marine-grade plastic that will last 20 000 fold cycles, like the Bay. It is tough, resilient and abrasion-resistant, and naturally buoyant so you won't be having any accidents on the water.

Oru Coast

Released on the 1/4/2016, the Oru Coast is the brand new re-imagining of the Bay models, and is available for pre-order now. 

The Coast is a 16 foot long adventure kayak, with size and form inspired by traditional arctic kayaks that gives it superior speed and handling. It is a more heavy-duty product than the previous models, suitable for serious expeditions of several days, and pro-level performance to satisfy even expert kayakers. Don't be put off if you're not that experienced though, as the Oru Coast is amazingly smooth, fun and fast even for people who have never picked up a paddle in their lives. At home in water from the Pacific Ocean, to your local pond, the sky (or the sea) is the limit with this model.

Oru Coast+ 

The Coast+, also available from 1/4/2016, shares all the advantages of the Coast, but, again, has a range of extra features and improvements. Besides all the features of the coast it has been designed for even more control, convenience, comfort and safety. An ergonomic seat keeps your back and legs happy for hours of paddling. Extra deck straps and lines let you store gear, and assist with rescues. Adjustable thigh braces give you great control and comfort, while an origami-inspired folding hatch lets you easily access camping gear. Together, these add up to a kayak that’s as beautiful to look at as it is to paddle.

If you've decided which Kayak is right for you, or want to browse some more, head on over to the Think Sport website and shop the whole range of Oru Kayaks now!