Piu Miglia: On your bike!

29 January 2016

It can be tough to find high-quality sportswear at a reasonable price these days, especially if you're looking for cycling-specific gear. Thanks to the fickle nature of the British weather, you can be in brilliant sunshine one minute, and struggling through wind and rain the next, so you need apparel that's versatile and up to the task. If you go out under-prepared on your bike day after day it can be a vicious cycle!

Piu Miglia offers products that give comfort and style, yet maintain that all-important performance. Whether you're on the daily commute to and from work, or you're on the home stretch of a 100k race, you need your clothing to do its job without distracting you.

About Piu Miglia

Piu Miglia is known for its affordable but high quality and well-designed sporting apparel, particularly cycling gear. The company has years of experience in the design and manufacture of effective, comfortable and durable sportswear, and offers a range of bib shorts, tights, jackets, shoes, tops, shorts and more - whatever the conditions you're sure to be well prepared. 


It can get quite chilly when you're out on your bike, especially with the longer, darker nights of winter. It's great to have a product that will keep you insulated, yet not cause you to overheat, such as the Piu Miglia Thermal Long Sleeve Men's Cycling Jersey. With a heavy-knit construction and a soft fleecy inner, you're nicely protected against the worst of the elements. 

If the rain decides to rear its head, it should precipitate you to wear the Piu Miglia Waterproof Ladies Cycling Jacket. Lightweight, breathable and comfortable, it will keep the rain out while leaving you warm and dry, and the reflective detailing ensures that you'll be nice and visible on the road in darker conditions, too.

Be safe and be seen while staying aerodynamic with the Piu Miglia Men's Reflective Cycling Tights. A soft brushed inner protects you from the elements, while a padded seat allows you to stay in the saddle for longer with much less discomfort. Factor in the 360 degree reflective detailing, and you have a safe as well as stylish product.


Piu Miglia offers a selection of cycling shoes, which are superior to regular trainers thanks to the increased force they can generate, allowing you to keep going for longer and conserve more energy. 

The Piu Miglia Corsa Road Cycling Shoes are the premier option for road cycling. The specially-designed sole helps transfer more power to the pedals every time, while the atop lacing system allows for fast, easy and precise tightening and loosening of the shoes.

The Piu Miglia Montano MTB Cycling Shoes are a versatile pair of shoes that can be used on the road, off-road, commuting or touring. Whether you're just starting out, or you're a veteran of several races, the Montano shoes will be sure to suit your needs.

Piu Migli-Yeah!

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