POC - Safety on the Slopes

21 September 2015

If you've ever been on a mountain, you'll know that they can be quite treacherous. Coupled with skiing or snowboarding down them at high velocity, the danger increases, making safety gear not just advisable, but essential. POC prides itself on making some of the best on the market.

Snow Joke

POC's mission is to do all they can to reduce the risk on the slopes, so professionals and beginners alike can both enjoy themselves and compete to the best of their ability safe in the knowledge that, if the worst happens, they will be protected as much as possible. 

Founded in 2005, POC is a Swedish company that initially produced ski racing gear. Their innovative solutions to safety quickly caught the eye of those in the know. At the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics , US Alpine Ski Racer Julia Mancuso won the gold medal in the giant slalom whilst wearing POC protective gear and nowadays many sponsored athletes choose POC to help them in their safety and performance goals. 

Expertise in the Field (and on the Mountain)

One of the main reasons for POC's success is their expertise. Among the POC staff, there are a wide range of knowledge and perspectives – from industrial, fashion and graphic designers, CAD and polymer engineers to communicators, marketers and ambassadors. These people all have a great passion for what they do, and this is reflected in the products that are produced.

Bearing in mind the risk of hard impacts, POC seeks to reduce the force transmitted to the brain and body using specialised materials and techniques. 


POC's helmets have a range of different technologies dedicated to comfort and protection. A range of specially-positioned vents allow for a good amount of ventilation and a cooler ride in warm conditions. In terms of protection, many have a multi-impact performance, meaning the helmet will not be unsuitable for use after one serious impact, but can be used over and over again.

Special deflector panels also reduce the force of impact and increase the shock-absorbing capacity of the helmets. All of the helmets have some form of protection from penetration by sharp objects, as well as protection from impacts to the head.

Body Armour

While your head is no doubt important, the rest of your body needs protection too if you're going to be hurtling down a mountain at speed. POC's body armour is highly impact-absorbent, lightweight and can adapt to your body to create a perfect individual fit. It gives excellent freedom of movement and is very comfortable, without sacrificing safety. Ventilation technology keeps you cool and allows you to focus on the task at hand. 


POC's goggles come in a wide range of styles, with lots of different coloured lenses specialised to certain weather conditions. Special models offer photochromatic lenses which adapt automatically to conditions so you don't need to change the lens, and polarised lenses help to reduce glare.

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