Promixx - The Original Vortex Mixer

29 September 2015

Anyone familiar with the world of sports nutrition and supplements will know about the horror that is a lumpy shake. We know it's doing our body good but sometimes the consistency makes it almost impossible to stomach, much less enjoy it. That's where Promixx comes in. Leaving the humble shaker ball in its dust, Promixx mixes your supplements with the touch of a button for a great result every time.

Will it Blend?

We've all been there, after a workout, trying to do the right thing and refuelling with a protein shake. Yet after several minutes all that happens is aching arms and a sludgy, unappealing mess. Once you've forced yourself to drink it all you feel reluctant to repeat the process. If only things were easier. Well, now they are! Promixx is ready to make your wildest supplement-mixing dreams come true.

Promixx is the world's most advanced sports bottle. With just the touch of a button, and using a revolutionary vortex system, it effortlessly mixes ingredients to create the world's smoothest shakes, supplements and drinks. Designed for liquid and powder mixing or liquid substance blending, it opens up a world of possibilities. You don't just have to stop at shakes and supplements - fruit and vegetable supplements, milkshakes, omelettes, even your favourite cocktails are all fair game. As long as it's in liquid form the Promixx is up to the task.

How Does it Work?

The Promixx features a blunt blade specially engineered to protect the integrity of essential micronutrients in food supplements. In other words, the sharper blades of regular blenders damage the structure of these proteins, and this leads to less nutritional benefit, but with Promixx these micronutrients remain undamaged.

The really revolutionary aspect of the design though is the vortex that is created. The detachable, battery-operated motor stirs up the water into a vortex that stimulates nature's very own implosion reaction , which oxygenates and re-energises the water. 

Who Uses it?

Promixx has the backing of some influential names in the sports and health and fitness world. Olympians, Paralympians and Mr Universe competitors are just some of the people who count themselves among the dedicated users of this product. If they rely on the Promixx then you can be sure it must be doing something right. 


The Promixx shaker can hold up to 600 ml of fluid - plenty for even the thickest shakes. With a choice of three stylish colours it also looks better than any other shakers on the market. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean, you won't have to subject yourself to the struggle normally associated with cleaning regular shakers, or the indescribable aroma created when you give up and leave the residue in the bottom until next time.

Where Can You Get it?

The Promixx Vortex Mixer a great choice for those serious about their nutrition and supplementation, but the new Promixx 2.0, with a host of upgrades, has just been launched, along with an upgrade pack for the original model.

Think Sport is proud to stock the new Promixx 2.0 as well as the original model and upgrade pack  so what are you waiting for? Hurry while stocks last and get mixing today!