Ski Mojo - Get Your Mojo Back

12 November 2015

If you've done much skiing, you know that travelling down the slopes at high velocity has its risks. Going at speed, having to avoid obstacles and rapid changes of direction all contribute to a sport that has the potential for injury around every corner. The lower body is particularly at risk, as it is all-too-easy to sprain or tear your knees and ankles, putting you out of action and ruining your holiday, or tournament. Even if you don't injure yourself, persistent aches, pains and fatigue are always likely with sustained exertion on the slopes.

That's where Ski Mojo comes in – with an innovative product, they have come up with a solution to injury and fatigue on the mountains. Their Gold and Silver Ski Leg Supports are lightweight, supportive and easy to use, making skiing a walk in the park (or the snow!). 

Who/What is Ski Mojo?

Ski Mojo is an English company that launched in 2007. Since then, its primary product, the Ski Mojo Support, has been carefully developed and honed into the current model. Developed using medical insights, the Ski Mojo is a device that uses spring recoil technology to take up to a third of the strain off the legs and knees, by providing kinetic energy that helps with leg extension. In other words, your legs won't have to do as much work and you won't feel the fatigue/stiffness that usually goes together with skiing for any great length of time. The Ski Mojo also acts as a shock absorber, protecting your joints from impact and helping your knees, back and legs to stay free of discomfort.


The Ski Mojo works like an exoskeleton for the legs, consisting of a lightweight, comfortable harness with neoprene knee supports that contain powerful springs. The device supplements the power of the leg muscles, and this in turn reduces impact, substantially delays muscle fatigue and alleviates leg and knee pain. Therefore, it allows you to perform at a higher level, for longer and with fewer side effects than if you were skiing without it. 

Main Benefits of the Ski Mojo

Knee Ligament/Cartilage trouble - the device reduces the load on the knees by around 33%, meaning the stress is also reduced. It also doubles as a shock-absorbing suspension system. Usually when skiing, you will experience constant 'chatter' going through your knees, causing irritation and swelling, but the Ski Mojo drastically reduces these effects.

Hip/Back issues - usually when skiing the 'chatter', or vibrations, will go through your whole body. The shock-absorbing properties of the Ski Mojo reduce stress and jolting/vibrations on the hips and back, and it also encourages a better posture, mimicking an ergonomic chair that takes some of the strain for you.

Less Lactic Acid - if, during exercise, your heart rate goes above 85% of your maximum, you will reach the 'Anaerobic zone' which means you will tire easily and produce more lactic acid. By reducing the work that your thighs have to do by a third, the Ski Mojo keeps you in the ideal aerobic zone which can improve the performance of the heart and make you fitter.

Which Model is Best for Me?

The Ski Mojo comes in two different models, based on user weight. If your weight is between 55 and 85 kg, you should choose the Ski Mojo Silver Ski Leg Support.

If you're a bit heavier, with a weight of over 75 kg then the Ski Mojo Gold Ski Leg Support will be better suited to you.