Summer holiday essentials for every athlete

5 August 2016

August is here and the lucky ones are grabbing their sun-cream, throwing their sunglasses on and heading off to the airport in pursuit of sand, sun and fun. Armed with desktop fans and ice-lollies at lunch time, the rest of us are resigned to the best part of summer spent battling on the tube in hope of a strong air-conditioned carriage. Even fewer of us have the good fortune to be headed to Rio De Janeiro with the hope of snatching a victory in the 100m sprint or being crowned champions of the Olympic Volleyball competition.

Although any trip away from home means the dreaded and monotonous task of packing, there are definitely some summer essentials needed for a trip away by any athlete. It doesn't matter whether you're going away to compete or whether you're just hoping to maintain your training regimen while abroad, we've got the essentials that can help you stay at your best.

Fantastic Footwear

Trainers are going to be first on the list for the athletes getting ready for departure. Comfortable footwear is a must no matter what kind of holiday you are planning and for an athlete this is no different. Who wants to be halfway through a tour of a gorgeous national park in Croatia with blisters and sore arches? Let alone halfway through your warm-up jog for the 800m men’s final.

Here at Think Sport, we've got a great range of Sports Footwear including specialist shoes and socks to aid your aching feet. Alternatively, for people that want to increase the comfort of their existing trainers (we know how hard it can be separating a sportsperson from their favourite garms), we've also got a great range of Sports Insoles, providing you with better support and cushioning.

Hydration Helpers

Keeping hydrated should be a main priority for all of us, whether we are staying home or going on holiday. Too often we realise we haven’t been taking enough water on just after the headache sets in and you feel it’s best to have a quick lie down in a dark room. Athletes don’t just have to worry about water, they have a long list of supplements and vitamins that they have to take in order to stay at peak performance – failing to fuel properly can be the difference between victory and defeat.

From Protein Powder to Energy Drinks, Sports Bottles to high-end Hydration Vests, we've got everything that you require to keep fully fuelled. No matter what climate you're going to be visiting this summer, Think Sport has got you covered.

Recovering from Your "Holiday"

For some people, going on holiday is lying by the pool with a margarita in one hand and trashy book in the other. For others, a holiday is running an ultra-marathon across the Sahara or blasting 100 miles a day around the Italian coast on a pushbike. If you're in the latter camp, the chances are that you'll need some time to recover from your "holiday" or you'll be liable to come back more worn-out and in need of rest than when you left.

Something that works for one person might not work for another – your must-have item may be a Ice Packs, your favourite Foam Roller to make sure that you're looking after your muscles before and after competing or just something simple like Massage Oils and Lotions for a good rub down afterwards. The lactic acid build up after a 400m Hurdle race can be a lot more painful that a sunburnt shoulder or a long flight without a good book!

If none of this matches what you're looking for on a summer holiday, why not try our Think Summer range, containing everything you need to perform this summer?

Have you got a product that you can't live without? Let us know in the comments below!