T3 Ping Pong - Three's Not a Crowd

5 October 2015

We all know the sport of table tennis, and the majority of people will have played at some point, whether in a pub, bar or at home. It's a very inclusive sport and can be played by people of all age groups and skill levels. What some people may not know, though, is that ping pong has been re-imagined as a three-a-side sport, and T3 is leading the way in this new surge of popularity.

What is T3?

Faster and fiercer than the conventional game, three-a-side ping pong offers a wider range of shot directions and lengths than the original, which allows some truly spectacular rallies. The social aspect is also enhanced, as more people than ever can join in and share the fun. 

T3 is based in Farringdon, London, the home of ping pong. The game itself was invented back in 1979, but since the publication of a rule book for triples table tennis in 2009 popularity has soared. The official three-a-side table was created in 2012 under the direction of T3's technical director, and T3 now holds the patent. Unveiled at the Olympic Games legacy event in September 2013, it was an instant hit and voted 'most popular sport of the day' by visitors. Now T3 is expanding and offering a range of indoor and outdoor tables and bats. 

T3's Products: Great for All Situations

T3 has a range of tables both for indoor and outdoor purposes, and for both adults and children:

The SuperMini is an indoor table designed specially for smaller kids, and features a smaller size to make the game more playable. The table has detachable legs for easy storage, but can also be used as a classroom table, making it ideal for schools. The SuperMini also comes in an outdoor version that can withstand anything thrown at it, being made of coloured concrete and reinforced with steel so it's perfect for the playground.

Another small and compact option is the One70, which is just over half the size of a regular tournament table, making it a great social option, ideal for pubs, bars, homes and offices alike. The multi-purpose table can double up as a meeting/dining room table or even a computer desk, so even when you're not playing it's still useful!

The T3 Tournament table also comes in both indoor and outdoor versions. The larger size of the table allows play for up to six a side, so it is great for large groups of people. The indoor version has a lockable wheel system so it will stay in place when desired but when you want to move or store it it can be folded up and wheeled away. The outdoor version is hardy enough to stay outside all year long, being made of a waterproof aluminium and steel. 

If you're going to be using the T3 tables then it's a good idea you have all the equipment, including the T3 bats. With both children's and adult versions, anyone can use them, and they are ergonomically designed to ensure that they fit the hand perfectly. 

Where Can You Get the T3 Products?

The T3 tables and bats are all available on the Think Sport website, so what are you waiting for? Try out the exciting new sport now and browse all of our sports apparel.