Teeter - Your Conversion to Inversion

13 November 2015

Chronic back pain is one of the most widespread and troublesome conditions. It affects millions of people around the world, whether it's extended periods of sitting, or certain sports-specific movements that cause it. Unfortunately, many people suffer in silence, not knowing what to do to effectively reduce the pain and discomfort they feel on a daily basis. But with their innovative range of inversion tables, Teeter has set out to combat this problem, and people with debilitating pain now have an answer to their problems.

What is Inversion Therapy?

Inversion therapy refers to devices that allow the user to be suspended either at an inverted angle, or fully upside down, while hanging from the legs, ankles or feet. While this may not sound like much fun to some people, it has a variety of therapeutic benefits. Hanging in an inverted position can cause the joints of the back to be stretched and expanded, perfect for relieving pressure on the vertebrae and potentially releasing trapped nerves. Inversion tables are the main products for carrying this out, although there are other products such as gravity boots, which suspend the user completely upside down and allow you to carry out stretches and core strengthening exercises.

Who is Teeter?

For over 30 years, people have been using Teeter Products to help relieve their back pain and improve their lives. Medical and scientific studies from around the world have shown the benefits of inversion therapy and Teeter is proud to lead the way as the only brand to meet UL’s standard for safety. Independent quality assurance gives Teeter users piece-of-mind to relax and enjoy the deep stretch that can naturally relieve back pain. 

Teeter products are backed up by science. A preliminary study out of Newcastle University reported a 70.5% reduction in the need for sciatica surgery for patients who regularly used a Teeter inversion table as opposed to physiotherapy alone. Why take a chance on a lookalike that doesn’t even come close to meeting basic safety standards? Trust only Teeter for a better back and a better body.

Benefits of Teeter Products

Here are just some of the main benefits of choosing Teeter inversion tables;

  • Relieving back pain - inversion can relax muscles, rehydrate discs, realign your vertebrae and reduce pressure
  • Easing stress - releases tension in your shoulders, neck and back
  • Improving joint health - decompresses joints, strengthens and enhances shock absorption
  • Increasing flexibility - inversion, in particular stretching, can improve functional fitness for an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Improving fitness and building core strength - inverted exercises help to build a strong core, which can also be essential to better back health


For the ultimate product, look no further than the Teeter DFM Inversion Table. The table provides natural relief of back pain and restoration of functional movement. Due to its motorised function, it enables smooth and accurate rotation to any angle, and the interlocking gears in the motor allow stabilisation at any angle for hassle-free treatment.

Other great, slightly more affordable options include the Teeter EP-560 and the EP-960. These tables help you achieve the ultimate in joint and back pain relief through precision balancing, patented stretch grips and an innovative bed design for ultimate comfort.

If you want to do a little more exercise whilst inverted, then the Teeter Gravity Boots are the perfect choice. They can be added onto the range of inversion tables, or used as a stand-alone product that will fit the majority of doorways. Exercises such as crunches or reverse squats really help strengthen the core muscles and the legs, and stretching whilst in the inverted position helps to greatly improve flexibility. 

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