TomTom - Lights, Camera, Action!

28 October 2015

TomTom is best known for its hugely successful satellite navigation software, which has become a fixture in many vehicles all over the world. Yet, in a flash, they have branched out into the world of the action camera, and with the Bandit they have ensured that they have done so impressively.

TomTom's Products

The TomTom Bandit Action Camera is an innovative product that allows you to edit and share your action in minutes, rather than hours. The first ever 4K HD action camera with a built-in media server, you can edit video without having to download it first for the ultimate in convenience. The all new Bandit App for iOS and Android allows you to edit and share your movies straight away, without having to download any of the footage first. The Bandit comes with basic mounts and a GoPro adapter, if you have any old mounts that you'd like to use with the camera.

The TomTom Bandit Premium Action Camera is the same product, but with added extras including mounts and accessories. These include a remote control, a handle bar mount for your bike, a dive lens and a power cable among others, enabling the most complete experience in any conditions. 


Instant editing - one of the main innovations of the TomTom Bandit range is the instant editing feature via the iOS and Android app, that allows you to put together and share footage quicker than ever before. 

High definition - with 4K video and 16 MP photos you can be sure that your video and images will come alive off the screen, for an end result that will make you the envy of all your friends. 

Built-in action sensors - these give a wide range of stats, including max speed and max g-force, allowing you to zero in on the most exhilarating points in your footage, meaning you can put together the most exciting videos possible.


TomTom also produces a number of camera mounts and accessories for the Bandit, sold separately so you can either replace lost parts, or enhance the experience with useful additions to the camera. 

TomTom Remote Control for Bandit Action Camera - this remote control allows you to control your Bandit Camera and tag the highlights of your footage without touching it, for excellent convenience and safety. 

TomTom Batt-Stick for Bandit Action Camera - this handy device makes reloading a freshly charged battery and microSD card easy, as well as allowing for versatile and simple charging via USB port. It also allows you to transfer data quickly and easily to your computer while you're charging your Bandit camera, whilst being protected by a splash-proof case so you don't have to worry about water damage.

TomTom Handle Bar Mount for Bandit Action Camera - this product allows you to mount your Bandit Camera onto your bike for great views and amazing footage with the added security of a mount.Versatile placement allows you to put it either on the handle bar or the seatpost, so you can be sure you're getting great views of that awesome trick you just landed.

Where Can You Snap Them Up?

These are just a few of the products available, so if the TomTom Bandit has stolen your heart, why not check out the whole range of cameras and accessories on the Think Sport website