Top 5 products for a great home workout

2 February 2016

You might think that you need to go to the gym to get that ripped physique you’ve always dreamed of, yet while the weights and machines have their benefits, they’re not the be all and end all of staying fit and healthy. You might be short on time or you might not want to fork out on a gym membership. Whatever the reason, there are still plenty of options available to you.

If you want to look like Arnold after a home workout you might want to rein in your expectations a bit, but there’s no reason why you can’t still get a great workout, burn some calories and even build some muscle within the confines of your own home.

Foam Roller

Foam rollers aren’t just for elite athletes any more, they’ve gained popularity with the general public as people have realised how effective they can be, and how much cheaper than a professional massage they are!  Foam rolling helps improve circulation, meaning your muscles get more oxygen and can recover more quickly. For the best results it’s a great idea to foam roll both before and after exercise.

The Triggerpoint the Grid Foam Roller has a raised surface, which mimics the feel of a massage therapist’s hands and helps you get deep into the muscle for relief of aches, pains and troublesome knots.

Skipping Rope

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It may not seem like the most macho exercise, but skipping is extremely effective at burning calories and getting your heart rate pumping. If it’s good enough for Rocky, it should be good enough for you. Try doing some interval training, going hard for 30 seconds to a minute and then resting for the same amount of time.

The Escape Fitness Leather Jump Rope is not for the faint of heart, with a thicker, heavier design that makes using it an upper body workout as well as an aerobic one. 


Favoured by our Russian cousins, the kettlebell is a no-nonsense product that is great for building muscle, burning calories and using on its own or as part of a circuit. The kettlebell is versatile and can be used with both hands, one hand, for the upper or lower body. One of the most effective exercises, though, is the kettlebell swing, which works the whole body.

There are a wide range of kettlebells available, in a choice of weights and materials so you can choose the best one for you. The Escape Fitness Competition Pro Kettlebells are ideal for serious lifters who are passionate about their training, but for those just getting started the More Mile Neoprene Kettlebells could be a great choice.


Your own body is an underrated tool for working out. The TRX allows you to use your bodyweight to perform a range of exercises for the upper and lower body, targeting the chest, back, legs and more. Try press ups or one-legged squats for an effective muscle-building exercise that doesn’t require any free weights or machines; only an anchoring point.

The Escape Fitness TRX Home Kit gives you all you need for an effective workout. It can be moved around to various anchoring points to give a variety of angles and challenge different muscle groups. 

Medicine Ball

Exercise is the best medicine, as they (well, we) say. The medicine ball is the cure to your calorie-burning problem, and is a great option for the abs especially. It can be used to add some resistance to regular crunches, or used in other exercises such as the medicine ball slam.

The More Mile Dual Grip Medicine Ball even has handles so you can easily and comfortably grip it while you’re working out. Try the ‘Russian Twist’, which involves lying on the floor holding the ball and twisting your body at the waist, while your legs go in the opposite direction.

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