Zamst - Supporting Athletes

5 October 2015

Injury is a fact of life for serious athletes and average Joe's alike. Dealing with that injury, and preventing it happening in future, is the mission of Zamst. With a range of braces, wraps and supports, Zamst make sure you are fully protected, while sacrificing nothing in comfort and movement, so that you can continue performing at the highest possible level. 

Who is Zamst?

Zamst is a brand of the NIPPON SIGMAX group, which has been a leader in the Japanese orthopaedics market since 1973. Created in 1993, Zamst uses the Sigmax group’s medical expertise, extensive research/development foundation and rigorous manufacturing techniques.
Zamst products are designed from expertise in orthopaedics and sports performance, which ensure the efficacy of our products and create confidence in athletes.  They also take into account the unique requirements of multiple sports, such as comfort, weight, enhanced range of motion and anatomical fit.

Zamst supports elite athletes around the world today and continues to provide the best products possible for high performance and confidence. With the backing of pro athletes such as NBA MVP Stephen Curry, and NFL star Von Miller, you can be sure that the products are effective.

The Mission

Zamst is a sophisticated exoskeleton for a new breed of athlete. Built on a vast knowledge base in the medical field, they understand the human body, and most importantly its limitations. With its protective products, Zamst looks to push the boundaries of the human body, and allow people to go harder and longer than they would be able to otherwise. With a range of products for various body parts, if you've injured yourself then Zamst will have the answer.

The Technology

Zamst creates protective gear for a whole range of body parts, but the technology behind many of them is the same:

Flyweight - For one, many  products are made with a flyweight material for an ultra-light and comfortable experience.

V-Tech - A ventilated flow keeps you cool even during the most vigorous of activities.

ROM Tech - A prominent feature, it allows a full range of motion so you're not slowed down and can keep performing at the highest level. 

Grip Tech - anti-migration straps prevent the products from slipping during activity.

i-Fit - Open panel design with adjustable fasteners provides individualised fit, enhanced comfort and variable compression levels.

These are just some examples of the technology, with many other features unique to each product and body part.


If you're looking for knee support to help with a variety of ligament injuries, then the ideal product for you is the ZK-7 Knee Brace. With Exo-Tech four-way support it is suitable for moderate to severe ACL, MCL, LCL and PCL ligament sprains. As used by NFL star Von Miller, you know it's going to be a serious product.

If you've injured your ankle then the A2 - DX Ankle Brace is the way to go. Designed to provide the strongest support for moderate to severe ankle sprains, it is favoured by NBA champion and MVP Stephen Curry. 

No one doubts the importance of ice and compression in helping with injury recovery. The innovative IW-1 and IW-2 Ice Therapy Sets apply ice packs to various body parts without you having to keep them in place, so you're free to get on with your daily life. 

These are just a selection of the products on offer. Whether you've injured your foot, ankle, calf, shin, knee, thigh, back, shoulder, elbow, hand and more, Zamst has got you covered. 

What are you waiting for? Shop the whole range of Zamst supports and braces on the Think Sport website.