Sidas Run Protect 3D Running Insoles
Sidas Run Protect 3D Running InsolesSidas Run Protect 3D Running InsolesSidas Run Protect 3D Running Insoles

Sidas Run Protect 3D Running Insoles

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  • Protect your feet and improve your energy efficiency with every stride
  • Will help improve performance for casual runners and serious athletes 
  • Gel heel pad reduces impact by dissipating pressure across your feet
  • Perforated for breathability and sweat reduction to keep your feet fresh
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Sidas Run Protect 3D Running Insoles

No matter how much you love running, it is inescapably a high impact sport  and can take a toll on our feet and joints. The Sidas Run Protect 3D Running Insoles are perfect for anyone who wants to protect their feet while jogging or running, with the added bonus that they will help improve your stride and decrease your circuit time. 

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Insoles

Sizing of the Sidas Run Protect 3D Running Insoles

The Sidas 3D Run Protect Insoles are unisex and available in a wide range of sizes so should be suitable for most adults. Simply match your shoe size with the sizes listed below to find which fit is the best for you:

Sidas Insole Size UK Shoe Size
Extra Small UK Size 2 - 3
Small UK Size 4 - 5
Medium UK Size 6 - 7
Large UK Size 8 - 9
Extra Large UK Size 10 - 11
XX-Large UK Size 12 - 13

Who Can Make Gains with the Sidas 3D Run Insoles?

For the athlete looking to enhance their performance on the track, prevent injury and ensure long term joint health. These insoles are built with a forefoot propulsion pad that actually makes the energy transfer of each step more efficient, meaning these are a great choice for any active individuals who run, jog or participate in high intensity sports.

What Conditions Do These Insoles Target?

These insoles are not limited to their ability to improve your running, they can also help with a range of issues, such as:

  • Ankle Instability
  • Blisters
  • Bunions
  • Corns and Calluses
  • Foot Fatigue
  • General Foot and Heel Pain
  • Mid-foot instability during runs
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Shin Splints
  • Weak Arches

How Do the Sidas Run 3D Insoles Prevent Injury?

These insoles can protect users against impact injuries, friction and over-pronation. A wide gel pad dissipates impact energy over a greater surface area so no one part of the foot is exposed. Additionally, a thermoplastic polyurethane centre supports the mid-foot to combat instability with each step.

Enhance Your Stride

Rubber pads located at your metatarsal creates a forefoot propulsion structure that adds bounce for an exaggerated forward movement. What's more, they increase your foot's grip within the shoe so that more of the energy you exert travels from your foot and into the ground, meaning that you will go faster while applying the same amount of effort.

How Comfortable Are These Insoles?

These insoles are designed to be as comfortable as they are protective. They offer cushioning support in the heel that dissipates impact to stop pain from developing in different parts of the foot. The insoles are also perforated for better ventilation and temperature control.

Will These Insoles Slide in My Shoes?

For the optimum fit, a MerryMesh topcover stops these insoles from sliding in your shoes so they remain firmly in place. All parts of your foot will be properly supported at all times allowing for consistent performance.

Are These Insoles Hygienic?

Perforated for better ventilation, the increased airflow that these insoles provide will reduce sweat build-up to help keep feet fresh. While they are not machine washable, these insoles can easily be cleaned if needed with soap and a brush. Once cleaned, allow to dry naturally.

Key Benefits and Features

  • A non-slip MerryMesh topcover keeps them in place within your shoe
  • Wide gel heel pads which spread impact energy over a larger surface area
  • Mid-foot reinforcement that stabilises your foot for more controlled strides
  • Forefoot propulsion pad to boost each step enhancing your natural abilities
  • Perforation for increased breathability: minimum sweat, maximum hygiene
  • Each layer is cushioned and the insoles anatomical design ensures a comfortable fit

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