Best Yoga and Pilates Accessories 2024

3 January 2024

Yoga and Pilates are two of the most popular health and fitness practices in the 21st century. For many people, their popularity has led to polarised opinions on which is better. The simple fact is that unlike many other forms of exercise, they’re both uniquely low impact, low intensity and group-orientated.

Here at Think Sport, we deal with some of the largest fitness brands and manufacturers in the UK. As a result, our knowledge on what makes good yoga and pilates equipment is broad. In this blog, we're going to look at the Best Yoga and Pilates Accessories. If you're looking for something in particular, here's what we're going to cover:

Best Non-Slip Pilates Mat

Our Winner: Escape Fitness Non-Slip Black Exercise Mat

Escape Fitness Non-Slip Black Exercise MatWhy We Love It...

  • Non-slip base means no slips
  • Easy-wipe PVC surface
  • Very durable, no frayed ends
  • Eyelets allow you to hang it anywhere

Good For...

  • Group and solo workouts
  • Fast-paced Pilates sessions

The Cons...

Editor's Review: Exercise mats are the only thing between you and the hard floor, so it's essential you get one that's not only comfortable, but built to last. The Escape Fitness Non-Slip Black Exercise Mat is constructed from hard-wearing PVC and foam lining to ensure a high standard of durability and traction as you train. Not only will the mat stay in place as you train, but after you're done, one wipe is all it takes to lift sweat off the mat's surface!

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Best Eco Yoga Mat

Escape Fitness Eco Toxin-Free Yoga Mat

Escape Fitness Eco Toxin-Free Yoga MatWhy We Love It...

  • Toxin-free with zero hazardous chemicals in disposal
  • Made from biodegradable latex and PVC
  • Safe, grippy surface for workouts
  • Easy-wipe surface

Good For...

  • Yoga-lovers serious about saving the planet
  • Big, full-bodied stretches

The Cons...

Editor's Review: Yoga may have taken 5000 years to reach the UK, but it's finally here - and with it comes a new effort in confronting unsustainable practices and fossil fueled manufacturing processes. If you care about your environment, the Escape Fitness Eco Toxin-Free Yoga Mat is the mat for you, with zero toxins and a biodegradable latex construction.

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Best Running Belt

Our Winner: FlipBelt Running Storage Belt

FlipBelt Running Storage BeltWhy We Love It...

  • No chafing or friction as you move
  • Easy method for on-the-go storage
  • Fits most mobile phones
  • Very discreet with no bulky parts

Good For...

  • Running to and from the shops thanks to accessible storage
  • Protecting your belongings in a practical way

The Cons...

  • Bulky phones can be a bit of a squeeze

Editor's Review: Keeping your valuables safe has always been a problem for people who like to go for a run as part of their fitness routine. With the FlipBelt Running Storage Belt, you can not only keep your precious items safe, but you can stop that incessant jingling noise your change and keys make! Discreet, durable and machine washable, what's not to love?

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Best Yoga and Pilates Gloves

Our Winner: Pro11 Yoga Gloves and Socks

Pro11 Yoga Gloves and SocksWhy We Love Them...

  • Made from organic, hypoallergenic cotton
  • Extra grippy with non-slip dots
  • Keeps you anchored for focused movements
  • Keeps your hands and feet warm

Good For...

  • Executing difficult poses and stretches
  • People who hate the feeling of sweaty palms and feet

The Cons...

  • Not everyone enjoys the feeling of gloves or socks

Editor's Review: Yoga and pilates require grip and traction, but smooth surfaces can cause you to slip and inhibit your movement. With these superbly grippy Pro11 Yoga Gloves and Socks, you can make every movement count. Made from hypoallergenic cotton, these gloves and socks are both comfy and organic.

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Best Yoga Cushion

Our Winner: Sissel Yoga Relax Sitting Cushion

Sissel Yoga Relax Sitting CushionWhy We Love It...

  • Filled with organic spelt husks
  • Lets you relax after a long yoga session
  • Helps you get the perfect posture for meditation
  • Highly portable, take with you anywhere

Good For..

  • Planet-conscious yoga lovers
  • Solo and group yoga sessions

The Cons...

Editor's Review: Yoga has a lot of benefits, and many trainers find that it deepens their ability to meditate and practice mindfulness. With the Sissel Yoga Relax Sitting Cushion, you can take your yoga a step further by sitting on an organic, comfortable seat and reflect on your breathing.

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Best Foam Roller

Our Winner: Escape Fitness Black Foam Ridge Massage Roller

Escape Fitness Black Foam Ridge Massage RollerWhy We Love It...

  • Geometric patterns replicate human touch
  • Provides a penetrative, deep tissue massage
  • Reduces next day soreness in your limbs
  • Hollow centre allows you to hang it for storage

Good For...

  • Preventing injuries by keeping your body flexible
  • Yoga, pilates and gym-goers alike

The Cons...

  • Takes some getting used to, but no pain no gain as they say...

Editor's Review: Sometimes your body can feel super sore after a long session of yoga or pilates, and that isn't always necessarily good. With the Escape Fitness Foam Roller, you can knead your body as hard as you like and flush away lactic acid, the primary cause of next-day soreness. If you can't afford a sports massage, you've found your next best option.

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Best Magnetic Bracelet

Our Winner: Trion:Z Zen Loop Duo Magnetic Bracelet

Trion:Z Zen Loop Duo Magnetic BraceletWhy We Love It...

  • Magnetic therapy reduces joint stiffness 
  • Effective regardless of sex, age and weight
  • Boosts your blood circulation, enhancing recovery
  • Easy to put on and take off

Good For...

  • Lovers of alternative medicine
  • Sufferers of arthritis, joint stiffness and insomnia

The Cons...

  • Vulnerable to damage by sea water

Editor's Review: After wearing for several days, we can confirm that the Trion:Z Zen Loop Bracelet not only alleviates joint pain and stiffness, but sits easily on the wrist in a discreet and comfortable fashion. Well made and sealed with a Japanese medical approval and a Class 1 CE mark, the Trion:Z is a great choice for anyone branching into magnetic therapy.

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Our Conclusion

Pilates and yoga are great to get into - they're low-cost and can be done at home, outdoors, or basically anywhere you want! We hope you've found something useful in our blog to help you reach your fitness potential, whether you're a zen master or a home runner. If you're looking for more fantastic equipment, why not check out our Gym Accessories and Gym Mats categories?

Are you a fan of Yoga or Pilates? Which one do you prefer? Share your thoughts below or on our Facebook or Twitter.