Sissel Range: For Support, Strength and Serenity

7 January 2016

When it comes to working out, there are two things one should always strive for: comfort and support. This might sound like something your mum would say, a little unexciting compared to other aims like being able to lift the next weight up or nailing that tricky yoga position.

But the fact is, without adequate comfort and support, you are less likely to achieve your bigger aims. You wouldn’t expect Mo Farah to have got where he has in trainers that gave him blisters, would you?   

Sissel have developed a range of products with comfort and support at their core. From orthopaedic pillows, to fitness equipment, to sports rehabilitation products, there is a huge variety on offer. We’re going to introduce just some of what’s available - to see the full range for yourself, visit our online store.

If you’re recovering from an injury, or wanting to get the most out of your training to prevent future injury, it’s worth taking a look!

Got Your Back

Orthopaedics and posture support is one area of Sissel’s focus. Whether you’re an athlete or not, back pain is a national problem, with the NHS spending more than £1 billion a year on back pain related costs!

For many, the cause of back pain is as simple as incorrect posture. With much of us sitting for long periods each day - in the office, in the car or at home – slouching can be unavoidable. Sitting up straight sounds easy in theory, but realistically it can be hard to maintain.

The Sitfit Plus is just one example of a Sissel product designed to help with this. A handy, lightweight support, you can carry it with you and pop it on any seat. The ergonomically enhanced shape works to improve your upright posture whilst exercising muscles in the back. This in turn can relieve back pain and tension to make life more comfortable!

Balance It Out

Good posture goes hand-in-hand with balance, and Sissel have also developed various appliances to encourage balance training.

If you practise yoga, you will be familiar with the benefits of good balance. Not only can it improve your coordination and strength, but can actually act as a fall prevention method. Balance training strengthens muscles in the ankles which make falls and injury less likely to occur, something particularly important if you are older.

As well as products designed for yoga specifically, like the Yoga Block, Sissel provide numerous balance pads and wobble boards to strengthen your joints and help improve your balance. This enables your body to build support, which can result in greater mobility and stability both when working out and in everyday life.

Strength from the Mountains

Sissel was founded in Sweden in 1986. Perhaps it was the beautiful, open Swedish landscape which influenced the range, the mountains, lakes and freshwater streams promoting the same strength and peacefulness that you can hope to gain from these products. 

With aids for relaxation, therapy and fitness, this truly is a versatile range with plenty to offer, so check it out now.