Trion:Z - Revolutionising Health

21 October 2015

Pain relief, stress relief, improved sleep, and even improved happiness. That sounds like a good list of properties, and in fact it's what you can expect when you put on a Trion:Z bracelet. Using an innovative combination of powerful magnets and negative ion producing technology, Trion:Z has created a product that huge numbers of people are seeing the benefits of every day. 

About Trion:Z

Manufactured by Japan’s leading manufacturer of medically certified devices, Arc Quest Co. Ltd, Trion:Z launched its award winning range of products in 1997 and is now a leader in providing magnetic ionic gear to the global health and fitness arena, with a presence in over 60 countries worldwide. The company has prided itself on bringing the highest quality products and service to its rapidly growing consumer base.

The company has received several awards and accreditations, and stands out from the pack thanks to European CE approval and certification from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The range of magnetic ionic wristbands has a range of fans from sporting and medical professionals to everyday users, who have experienced such benefits as alleviating everyday aches and pains, improving circulation and balance and reducing symptoms of conditions such as arthritis, tennis elbow, and osteoporosis.

Who Uses Trion:Z Bracelets?

Trion:Z products are used by huge numbers of sportsmen across a wide range of sports including athletes, triathletes, coaches, trainers and players.They are especially popular among golfers, with over 250 tour golfers both male and female across all major tours counting themselves among those who use the bracelets. Trion:Z products account for over 218 tour wins, including a number of the major tournaments.

Other advocates include 3 time world champion squash player Nick Matthew, and some of the England cricket team, including James Taylor and leading wicket-taker James Anderson. If it's good enough for the professionals there must be something to it!

How Do Trion:Z Products Work?

Trion:Z products work by utilising the health-improving benefits of negative ions, which are found in abundance near fresh, flowing water supplies such as rivers, streams, seas and waterfalls. But negative ions, in plentiful supply in natural settings, are dangerously absent in the average office, home or car, so we don't usually see their benefits. 

The Trion-Z bracelets contain a polarised pod capsule that produces negative ions at a rapid rate, combined with strong magnets that ensure a continual flow of the negative ions. Delivering up to 100 times higher levels than similar bracelets, Trion:Z has proven itself to have the strongest and most effective range of products on the market.

The Products

DUO LOOP - The DUO LOOP Bracelet is suitable for water, snow and sun, with a flexible and waterproof silicone band. It contains 2 x 1000 Gauss magnets, and can produce over 1000 negative ions per second for an improved sense of well-being.

ACTI LOOP - The ACTI LOOP shares most of the characteristics of the DUO LOOP, with a choice of 3 stylish colours. It is slightly more powerful, with 3 x 1000 Gauss magnets and the capability to produce over 1500 negative ions per second.

CAMO LOOP - The CAMO LOOP is even more powerful, with 3 magnets and special materials within the pod that can produce over 2000 negative ions per second. It also comes in an aesthetic camouflage finish.

ULTRA LOOP - The ULTRA LOOP is the most powerful product in the range. It contains four 1000 Gauss magnets, and produces over 2000 negative ions a second for the ultimate in pain and stress relief.

What are you Trion to say?

What I'm trying to say is that the Trion:Z products are a great choice for both sport and everyday use. They are now available on the think sport website, so visit the whole range of Trion:Z Bracelets.