Ultimate Performance - Reaching Your Peak

4 November 2015

Ultimate performance... every athlete from the elite to a beginner dreams of it. That special moment when everything comes together. Ultimate Performance understands the search for that moment and the efforts required to achieve it. They understand the sacrifices and also the journey. And that journey of every athlete, runner, walker or cyclist is where Ultimate Performance's story begins. It is where products are dreamed, designed, dreamed again and then developed.

Who are Ultimate Performance?

Ultimate performance develops and sells a range of sports medicine products, such as braces and supports for all kinds of sprains, strains, aches, pains and more. Their goal is helping you to reach your fullest potential, and not letting injury get in the way of that.

Whether it's a new PB, a first 5K, the winning goal or the perfect slam dunk, everyone will have their personal story on how they got there. It also then means innovation in all of the products is driven by function and performance, rather than corporate figures and mumbo jumbo. It is why the origins of UP are rooted in you - the athlete, the elite runner, the triathlete, the fell runner and the weekend warrior. It is why product development is focused on, in and around the fells, trails, mountains and general great outdoors.

The Technology

Ultimate Performance utilises innovative technology to bring you the best support, comfort and stability, all at a great price. Here's some of the technology behind the products:

Neoprene Material - the soft neoprene blend that is used for many of the products provides firm, even support whilst allowing you to maintain a full, natural range of movement so you can perform at the highest level. It also has a soothing, warming benefit, promoting accelerated healing and increased flexibility in your joints. A good example of this is the Ultimate Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace.

Nylon/Spandex - if neoprene isn't your thing, Ultimate Performance have a great alternative with the Ultimate Elastic Range, including the Ultimate Elastic Knee Support, the Ultimate Elastic Ankle Support and the Ultimate Elastic Calf Support. These products feature a seamless circular knit for optimal comfort, and the compressive element to the fabric helps to stimulate blood flow, aiding recovery and preventing lactic acid build-up. 

Adjustable Compression - many of the Ultimate Performance products have some form of customisation possible, in order to give you the best fit possible. This often comes in the form of straps, which can be wrapped around to your desired level of compression, ensuring you have a product that perfectly caters to your unique requirements. The Ultimate Adjustable Knee Support is a good example of this.

Catered to Athletes

The range of protective gear and sports medicine products is specifically suited to those with an active lifestyle. Though they are great for people who just need them in their daily lives, the products are perfect for people who can't afford to lose a step during injury, or need to get back on the pitch or the track as soon as possible. That's why the Ultimate Performance range features slimline designs, and lightweight materials that won't inconvenience you during your training or in a game, plus a full range of movement so you won't be slowed down.

Get it Now!

The Ultimate Performance range of sports medicine products, including supports and braces for the arms, legs, ankle, knee, shoulder, back and more, is available on the think sport . What are you waiting for? Shop the whole range now on the Think Sport website.