RockTape: Move better, move more

27 September 2016  |  Eugene

At one point or another, everyone has experienced some sort of pain, stiffness or inflammation as a result of a sports and exercise injury, or just from everyday wear and tear of the body. Likewise, everyone knows that feeling of instant relief you can feel from simply rubbing or placing pressure on the affected area.

RockTape is a company that harnesses that principle of pain relief, and applies it, along with many others, to their wide range of products. From the RockTape Kinesiology Tape that made them famous, to other products like the RockGuard Shin Sleeves, RockWrist Wrist Wraps, or RocknRoller Foam Roller, RockTape takes pride in their constant innovation in the fields of pain relief, rehabilitation and mobility, helping athletes and regular people go stronger, longer.

Helping Us Move Better, More

Humans have always lived to move; whether it’s for hunting, tending to crops, or getting from place to place, we’ve always spent most of our lives on our feet. The modern world however, has other ideas, forcing us to sit more and more as time goes by, leading to sedentary lifestyles that make us less and less healthy. RockTape’s philosophy is based on the will to combat this change, because they believe that if they can help us move better, experiencing less pain and promoting more physical ability, then we’ll enjoy doing it and end up moving more.

Why RockTape is Different

1. Battle Tested: RockTape isn’t like other tapes made for rehabilitation, and wasn’t developed by sitting around. This tape was designed in the secluded RockTape lab, where their team tested their product under the toughest of conditions, in races and gruelling competition, to meet their own high standards. What resulted was the strongest, and simply the best kinesiology tape around. So whether RockTape is being used on world-class athletes, children or the elderly, you can be sure this tape will exceed expectations.

2. Stretch and Snap-Back: Unlike other kinesiology tapes that can leave you feeling like you’ve been bound, RockTape is made with 180% elasticity, the same as human skin, to allow for unrestricted movement and unrestricted performance. Stretch though, is no good if it doesn’t retract just as well. RockTape uses “6/12 nylon”, which allows for unrivalled ‘snap-back’, giving the ability to stretch, but also providing appropriate assistance to muscles when returned to neutral.

3. A Tape for Everyone: Since one size doesn’t fit all, RockTape has tape for every person and demand. If you’re bigger than average, or have a big area you need supported, RockTape has you covered. Whether you need your kinesiology tape at the gym, on the field, in the water or on the stage, there’s a RockTape that can handle it. Between standard Rocktape, or their Big Daddy Rolls, H2O Tape and Finger Tape, there’s literally a RockTape for everything.

Unleash Your Movement

Since we can’t move well without soft, relaxed muscle tissue, RockTape has developed tools to allow you to perform myofascial release and other movement improving techniques, without the need for constant and expensive appointments with a physical therapist. Myofascial release normalises muscle tone, and helps to improve movement by loosening and relaxing your muscle tissue, increasing your range of motion and helping you to move pain-free.

The RockTape RocknRoller Foam Roller and RockTape RockBalls, are both revolutionary tools to put you in control of your own muscle health, and help you get recover and rehabilitate after injury or exercise. As well as these, RockTape offers their RockBands, which are a line of resistance bands, each having unique levels of resistance, and a multitude of uses. Everything you need, from light rehabilitation to heavy strength training, can be achieved with these durable and easy to use bands, offered in latex and latex-free varieties.


RockTape doesn’t stop at helping you move better. They’ve also developed products to keep you safe and free from injury at the gym and during strenuous exercise. Products like the RockGuards Shin Sleeves, KneeCap Knee Protection Sleeves, RockWrist Wrist Wraps and G-Love Weight Lifting Gloves, can all make your weightlifting or CrossFit routines as safe and painless as possible. Developed with world-class sports and CrossFit athletes, you can be sure all these products are built to last, and will stand up to whatever abuse you can throw at them.

Heal and Recover

After you’ve increased your movement and workout prowess with RockTape, you’re most likely going to have calluses, cuts, or sore muscles to tend to before you can get back in the gym. Luckily, they’ve thought of this as well, with RockTape RockRub Massage Balm. Ideal for both myofascial release and skin repair, this completely natural balm is an all-around solution to muscle and skin recovery. Massage therapists will find a little goes a long way, and the consistency is perfect for deep tissue massage. Everyone else will appreciate the skin-healing and restorative effects of the balm, as it has a remarkable ability to soften callus, making it less likely to tear, while also being excellent in the repair of broken or damaged skin. Simply apply the balm overnight, and wake up to healthy, smooth skin, allowing you to get back to your training.

Set Goals, Achieve, Repeat

In short, no matter your preferred exercise, and no matter your level of fitness or recovery, RockTape wants you to move better, safer and more. From rehabilitation, to training, to competition, and back to recovery, RockTape will be with you every step of the way, helping you hit your targets, and dream up new ones.